Recieving early reports that Dem State Representative Pat Kirschmann has passed away.

In a prior post, I had noted that State Representative Pat Kirschmann (D Sioux Falls) had been said to possibly be running in a primary against Senator Reynold Nesiba for the Senate seat in District 15.

Under the comment section for that post a few moments ago, it was noted there was an announcement at the Democrat Forum in Sioux Falls today that Rep. Kirschmann has passed away.  As soon as I see more information on it, I’ll share it.  Otherwise, please keep his family in your prayers.

6 Replies to “Recieving early reports that Dem State Representative Pat Kirschmann has passed away.”

  1. Rep Mark Willadsen

    Representative Kirshmann worked hard for his constituients and served them well. He didn’t speak on the Floor very often, but when he did, he had something important to say. He was always a gentleman and a statesman. Rest in peace my friend.

  2. Jim Stalzer

    I will never forget the day I was being interviewed by an East coast magazine when Pat came into the restaurant and sat down at the table with us. Even though we disagreed on the issue, the writer was shocked to see that we were friends. The writer said that would never happen in her area. RIP Pat.

  3. Jim peterson

    Pat was a proud pro-life Democrat and a gentle man. I’m proud to have called him a friend. The world would be a better place if all Legislators were as honest and sincere as Pat was, a pleasure to have served with him.