Redistricting, may the fun begin


The very word send sends shivers down the spine of some legislators, and it should.  The process of redrawing legislative lines, in a way that everyone is represented fairly, and a way to keep all the parties from suing is daunting.  Not to mention some legislators may not be coming back, and some people who you would have never thought to have run for a position might find themseleves taking an oath. We are not adding any any new districts, the current 35 districts are going to be moved around to meet the needs of the population shifting.  Our population has gravitated toward Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls will have nine districts in this area:

Rapid City will get four

You and review all the maps here

South Dakota is also home to several Native American reservations.  Each tribe is their own country, and they get represented at the state level as well.

Bob Mercer is reporting in the Aberdeen American News a special subcommittee will hold public hearings on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations as a part of drawing those all important legislative lines.  The public is invited and comments are welcomed.

The special subcommittee will meet first in the community of Rosebud, at the Mni Wiconi building. The meeting will be in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe water resource conference room. The presentation will start at 9:30 a.m. local time and continue until noon.

The subcommittee will then travel to the community of Pine Ridge for an afternoon meeting that starts at 2 p.m. and runs until 4 p.m. The meeting will be at the LOWO Building in the Indian Health Service compound on east U.S. 18.

Redistricting is not an fun, glamorous, easy task; not everyone is going to be happy.  Often times it determines who will run, and who will sit in the gallery.

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  1. Duh

    I know I am a native american history simpleton, but why do the reservations, as sovereign countries, get ANY representation in state affairs?? How many nontribal individuals get to represent the State of South Dakota in their affairs? I assume zippo. This one-way legislative cluster certainly sounds fair. Was it because of the treaty or just that we’re swell people? If this seems snooty, that’s the intent.

    I have enough trouble stomaching the federal election pinhead chili feeds where they take advantage of, coerce and entice native people to vote to further democratic enabling. If you’re a separate and distinct country, then act like one. I very much doubt there are French, Italian, German representatives in the British Parliment.

    Then again, what do I know about the interplay between the state and the tribes as it relates to state business/laws.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Long answer:
      Um… because we took their land, wiped out their food supply, put them on reservations, tried to turn them into farmers on the worst possible, god-forsaken soil, and told them that they are now Americans… but oh by the way, you don’t get to vote. If ANYBODY is a natural born American, they are. Even so, they weren’t given voting rights until 1924… 4 years after women got theirs.

      Short answer:
      They have dual citizenship.

  2. springer

    Not sure where he is going with his orange vs black statement. Apparently Boehner had a tanning session and turned orange a couple of years ago; is that what he is referring to? Basically it is the Dems that always bring up the race card; it’s not the Reps. If it furthers Nesselhuf’s case, I’m sure he will follow suit.

  3. springer

    Redistricting is probably a good idea if done for the right reason. If done, however, simply to ensure certain districts are redone to get rid of certain legislators or elect certain legislators, this is unethical. And it seems it’s being done by the establishment once again. Gerrymandering is the proper term.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Yeah they probably want to change that area around Aberdeen back to the way it should be now that Tom Daschle’s not running anymore. (Or did they do that already? )

  4. El Toro Loco Grande (The Big Crazy (old) Bull)

    Rumors abound that this process is being used to target those Republicans that dare follow the conservative party platform over the designs of the more liberal elements of the party.

    Pachydercide by the RINOs? Brilliant plan! Because the GOP party needs to be able to say in 2012 “vote for us because our candidates are just as liberal as Obama!”

    But I speak to soon, there is evidence that conservative South Dakotans are impressed with this mindset:

    The irony? Voters vote for candidates with an R behind their name thinking they actually support the conservative party platform…


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