Release: AG Ravnsborg’s Consumer Protection and Tobacco Fund Maintenance Bills signed into Law


PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg extends his appreciation to the South Dakota Legislature and Governor Kristi Noem for signing SB 20 into law, updating South Dakota law to better protect consumers; and SB 21, updating South Dakota Codified Law to allow for the transfer of interest in certain tobacco escrow monies under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

“Thank you to our legislators and Governor Noem for passing and signing these important pieces of legislation,” said Ravnsborg. “I believe it is vitally important to make sure our laws keep up with the world we live in, and to that extent we have worked together to make sure South Dakota does not fall behind.”

SB 20 will better protect consumers by more accurately describing exceptions to the term “Business Day” also by allowing the consumer the ability to cancel a door-to-door sale by means of an electronic notice (e-mail).

SB 21 will allow certain tobacco manufacturers no longer doing business in South Dakota, to assign their interest in qualified escrow funds to the State and remove the need to provide regular reports to the State. This will also make South Dakota’s duty to enforce the terms of the Master Settlement Agreement with due diligence more streamlined and effective.


7 Replies to “Release: AG Ravnsborg’s Consumer Protection and Tobacco Fund Maintenance Bills signed into Law”

  1. Anonymous

    Good job to the AG, considering how “inexperienced” he is as a prosecutor, he seems to be accomplishing a lot!

  2. Anonymous

    From all I have heard he is a strong leader…in some ways I am surprised in other ways as hard as he works I am not..keep up the good work General

  3. Peter

    Nice, all I keep hearing is good things about Ravnsborg. Keep up the good work.

    I am so glad we don’t have Fitz as our AG, he would still be wondering what to do if elected.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like he and his team are on the right track, glad to see he is cranking out the wins right off the bat! Keep it up Jason we are rooting for you!


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