Release: Billie Sutton Takes a Bernie Sanders Approach to Policy

Billie Sutton Takes a Bernie Sanders Approach to Policy

Despite branding himself a moderate, Billie Sutton will bring Bernie Sanders’ policies to South Dakota government. From supporting socialized medicine to legalizing marijuana, Billie Sutton has a history of supporting Bernie Sanders’ policies. Are their approaches to policy one and the same?

Billie Sutton

Bernie Sanders

Support for Socialized Medicine

Legalize Marijuana

End the Death Penalty

Let Felons Vote

Oppose the Keystone Pipeline

Wants to Ditch the “Democrat” Label


“Supports Socialized Medicine” – In March 2014, Sutton opposed a resolution that would express the South Dakota legislature’s opposition to Obamacare. (HCR1028)

“Legalize Marijuana” – In 2017, Billie Sutton sponsored a bill that would no longer make it illegal for someone to have marijuana in their system. (SB129)

“End the Death Penalty” – In 2015 in the Senate State Affairs Committee, Billie Sutton moved to pass a bill that would repeal the death penalty. (SB121)

“Let Felons Vote” – In 2012, Billie Sutton voted against a bill that would remove all people serving a sentence for a felony from the voting rolls in South Dakota. (HB1247)

“Oppose the Keystone Pipeline” – In 2016, Billie Sutton voted against a resolution urging Congress to support and to ask the United States Secretary of State to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project. (HCR1008)

27 Replies to “Release: Billie Sutton Takes a Bernie Sanders Approach to Policy”

  1. Payton

    Wow! A candidate that wants to provide health care, end the war on drugs, opposes state sponsored murder, believes in second chances, and wants to not only protect the environment but also respects Native American rights. #pureevil #lockhimup #MAGA

    1. Anonymous

      Are you of sound mind Payton? Obamacare is awful, there should be a war on drugs, Felons who obviously arent working or paying taxes due to their stupid choices in breaking the law shouldnt get yo vot le till they are a contributing valuable asset to our economy, the pipeline will provide jobs and isnt doing any more damage thsn the thousands of pipelines already in place, and to top it off, Native Americans need weaned off the system!

      1. Anonymous

        Democrats like to portray and manipulate Indians into believing they’re victims, not all of us fall for their lies.

        At first the DSA caught my attention. Free college? Why not, it’s not my money. Then, someone told me about Venezuela and how the doctors are prohibited from listing starvation as a cause of death, parents are forced to give up their children so they can survive and people are eating zoo animals. Needless to say, I had second thoughts.

  2. Anonymous

    Except for #1, I agree with him. Prohibition doesn’t work and the war on drugs is the biggest waste of time and money. They learned that with alcohol prohibition and they are learning that with marijuana. Felons should be able to vote once their debt to society is repaid. Govt sponsored killing of citizens is the most powerful thing you can grant to a govt. As a huge supporter of pipelines, i fully believe tar sands oil should stay on the rails. It’s completely different from bakken oil that is much safer in a pipe. Plus, it’s not even domestic. I’m not a fan of utilizing eminent domain to help a foreign country ship dirty crude like tar sands oil. That stuff is bad news compared to most oil. Ditch the label? Labels are for school yard bullies who try to paint people into a corner. Noem’s attacks are getting nauseating.

  3. Anonymous

    “Wants to Ditch the ‘Democratic’ Label,” really? Your have four candidates or political office holders, that advertise on this webstite. They are all Republicans, but none of them mention their party affiliation….


    1. Anonymous

      The all-knowing Melissa Mentele said something about Sutton being on board with legalization of mj. I understand your confusion, I can’t find any issue Sutton is fully committed to either. He’s all over the place – he supports an income tax, then he doesn’t, then he does, but really he doesn’t.

      1. Anonymous

        Melissa Mentele said Sutton is all for legalizing MJ? I checked their page and they are promoting him all the time. That is a very bad sign!

      1. Tara Volesky

        ND will have full legalization in Nov. Canada has it now. We won’t even legalize hemp. Now that is just stupid. Time for education.

        1. Anonymous

          This state is so Hicksville,we will be the last state to legalize pot!Some of us need medical pot for chronic pain.Its better than all the pills the doctors are pushing,pills are a death sentence!

  4. Anonymous

    Govt theft of land and life. Govt regulation of natural medicines. And here I thought Republicans stood for less govt intrusion into our lives. I guess not.

  5. Larry

    Billie will be exposed in the debates…he needs his liberal base but to save it he will be exposed to the Republicans he needs to win


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