Release: Bon Homme County States Attorney Lisa Rothschadl Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General 

Bon Homme County States Attorney Lisa Rothschadl Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General 

TYNDALL, SD: Bon Homme County States Attorney Lisa Rothschadl endorses Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg.

“Jason is a skilled lawyer whom I have had both jury and court trials along with many hearings for over a decade in both criminal and civil matters.” Rothschadl said. “Jason is honest, hard working and always represents his clients zealously.”

“Jason has also been a valuable resource through the years in various points of the law.” Rothschadl stated. “I know I will be able to work with Jason as Attorney General, as I have been able to work with him in the past. I look forward to working with Jason as our next Attorney General, he has my full support and endorsement.”

Bon Homme County States Attorney Lisa Rothschadl has been the Bon Homme County States Attorney since 1997.


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  1. Anonymous

    What criminal jury trial was he involved with? Let’s put this rumor to bed now. How many has he done?

    1. Anon E Mus

      Ok, all I ever read is the Anonymous people wanting to know “how many criminal jury trials has he done”, implying that the Attorney General is the only individual in the office who does a trial??

      I went to the website,

      I looked at the DIVISIONS of the office, each DIVISION overseen by the Attorney General…I have included the links to each DIVISION of the AG’s OFFICE below where you will can find the name of the ASSISTANT Attorney General in charge of the DIVISION and how many attorney’s are on that staff…

      The Criminal Division –
      The Appellate Division –
      The Civil Division –
      Medicaid Fraud Unit –
      Consumer Protection –

      Yes, knowing the law is important, knowing how to do a trial is important, that’s why ATTORNEY’s run for ATTORNEY GENERAL…but looking at the webpage, and ALL the duties that fall on the shoulders of the Attorney General that fall outside of the courtroom…I want someone who knows how to manage a staff and make sure all these people are rowing the boat in the same direction!

  2. a friend of education

    Ravnsborg and Fitzgerald seem to have split the States Attorneys’ endorsements 50-50, but I believe some on that list are Democrats. I suspect Ravnsborg has the edge among conservative States Attorneys. Regardless, I’ll support whichever Republican the SD Sheriffs support. They know best who has what it takes to prosecute & convict bad guys.

    1. Anonymous

      I’ll support the person Marty supports. I hope he weighs in. The person we choose has big shoes to fill.

      Why is Fitzgerald’s wife helping Kristi?

      Why haven’t Russell or Ravnsborg asked Jackley for the endorsement yet?

      1. Anonymous

        I have heard Marty say he is staying out of it.

        That seems smart to me because he alienates two of The Three Guys by picking the third one and all their supporters.

        These are political races after all

        1. a friend of education

          Good observation. I believe that’s correct. Naturally, if AG Jackley endorsed one candidate that would be important. His opinion matters to many of us. Perhaps we’ll hear something from him before the convention. Until then, I’ll trust the Sheriffs.

            1. Anonymous

              I would like to see Marty’s list of which 4 are NOT supporting him.

              Jason has posted his endorsements…if I am wrong about Marty please correct me….but I would also like to know if Milbrandt is supporting Marty or not in his race with Kaiser in Brown County.

              I have heard that Milstead in Minnehaha never endorses anyone, no matter what.

    2. Anonymous

      This race depends on how firm their support is.

      Russell has the firmest support. But the lowest ceiling.

      Ravnsborg seems to be working the hardest but has the softest support but perhaps the widest because he is touching more people.

      Fitzgerald looks to have people with him who dont want the others because they are polarizing or lack experience.

      1. Blue Lives Matter

        Fitzgerald’s campaign is the most condescending one…..

        Yeah it’s like nobody can do a trial but him but nobody has told him or he doesn’t realize that that’s not what the Attorney General does he doesn’t try cases he gets the three sources so that other people can try cases as he continues to fight for more and more resources and brings more and more help to all of them Ravnsborg and Russell are better suited for the job of Attorney General ….Fitz might be the best State’s Attorney but there’s a huge difference in those rolls

        How many legislators does Fitz even know I bet they all know Jason and Lance

        Law enforcement we stand with Jason.

        Civil experience which covers appeals consumer protection and just the general parts of the Civil Division all favor Jason and Lance

        Jason’s the only one that’s significant leadership and management experience

        It seems to me like the experience questions on Lance and Fitzgerald have not been asked and need to be because they seem to have way more shortcomings than Jason

        1. Anonymous

          Um EB5 and Gear Up.

          Fitzgerald might not be my guy but I do want an AG who can stand on his own 2 feet in the courtroom and it is more than fair that Ravnsborg answer the question of how many criminal jury trials he has done. Especially since Randy Seiler will find out if delegates dont.

          The GOP cant lose this seat and right now we are on the bubble of throwing it to the Dems.

          1. Anonymous

            Why does the Fitzgerald Camp only ask about how many trials Jason has done when Lance Russell gave the exact same answer that they had no idea how many they done and then I went out and I’ve asked 15 different attorneys how many trials have you done. And every single one of them says I have no idea who keeps track of that stuff…. but you all ignore the evidence in this endorsement it said that he’s done jury and Court trials that’s good enough for me we got a long-serving State’s Attorney saying that she’s gone against him in court if she didn’t think he was good enough when she went against him I doubt she’d be endorsing him

            1. Anonymous

              Every lawyer knows the number of trials they have had. Some lawyers have never had a trial. Trial lawyers are unique, they are smart, tough and know how to win. It’s not for everyone.

              1. Bill

                Prove it Anonymous 10:43pm? I have asked other lawyer friends as well and none of them keep track.

                One could make the argument against Fitzgerald’s number of trials as maybe he is a little to trigger happy and is wasting tax payer’s money when there could have been a better solution to prevent having to go to trial. Doe he really need to take ever case to trial????

            2. Anonymous

              Because Lance was a states attorney and prosecutor on one of the most crime infested areas of the state for 8 years. Lance has plenty of experience with violent and dangerous criminals and knows his way around a courtroom.

              But I saw the Facebook video on fitzgerald’s page and I’d like lance to state his experience so ravnsborg has to answer.

              1. Anonymous

                CHRIS NELSON asked at the SD GOP central committee forum a couple months ago: “How many criminal jury trials have each of you had?”

                Russell: “I don’t know if i could count the number of criminal trials i have had.”

                Fitzgerald: “254 criminal jury trials and didn’t keep track of court trials”

                Ravnsborg: “I’m the same as Lance. I’ve never kept track of Jury trials and court trials both.”

                Russell was a chief prosecutor so I get that he might not know off the top of his head. I’m surprised Fitzgerald knew.

                I would like to see all candidates state their experience in the courtroom.

                1. Bill

                  I would like all the candidates to state their experience in managing a large amount of people to include management level. That is as important as experience in the courtroom if not more.

  3. Bill

    A good point was made earlier in all the posts about how we keep seeing the the same attacks on Ravnsborg from all these anonymous people (Mary and Stace). Its interesting as more and more State’s Attorny’s are backing Ravnsborg and stating he has prosecuting experience. So do Fitzgerald and Russell think so little of these State’s Attorneys or are they claiming them to be lying?

    Additionally, I ask what experience does Fitzgerald or Russell have in the below areas of law and what experience do they have in managing multiple departments and other managerial levels of employees. I want to see their credentials in these areas as they are a big part of the AG office.

    The Criminal Division
    The Appellate Division
    The Civil Division
    Medicaid Fraud Unit
    Consumer Protection

    1. Anonymous

      Asking a question is not an attack.

      Ravnsborg has many good qualities. He’s a veteran, a patriot and he’s a hard worker. He’s a nice guy.

      If he was running for secretary of state or auditor no one would care about his courtroom experience. It’s not out of line to ask though considering the past AG’s have had some pretty serious experience in a courtroom.

      Jackley was US Attorney
      Long was Deputy AG
      Barnett was Hughes County SA
      Tellinghuisen was Lawrence County SA
      Mierhenry Director of South Dakota Legal Services and adjunct professor of Trial Practice and Indian Law

      Janklow In seven years, he was said to have won acquittals of 30 American Indians accused of murder or manslaughter. Later, as a prosecutor for the state attorney general’s office He prosecuted 22 people, most of them associated with American Indian Movement, who were charged with rioting and arson in an Indian rights protest in 1973.

      1. Anonymous

        Well I for one don’t care and frankly it does not matter. Clearly he has done some as this endorsement says…they are not running for states attorney and going to being trying many cases. Because what are you actually saying Jason & Lance are not competent to run the office. I think Jason has made the best case to run the office.

        The only one that cares about this are the people running against him and their surrogates as they try to DISTRACT from their own numerous shortcomings.

        Jason is the only one talking about IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS.

        You would think if Fitzgerald was so experienced and so knowledgeable he would have ONE idea…no lets repeal 70 is the best I have heard…well that is never going to happen. Jason and Lance talk about reforming it and Jason gives details.

        You would think that ONE sheriff would support Fitzgerald and his vast years of experience and being the ultimate prosecutor…..I think it is telling that none have done so.

        Plus when has Fitzgerald handled a civil case, appeals, managed any organization larger than a couple people? he fails in all these key areas whereas Jason excels at what the Attorney General actually does.

        At least Lance Russell wants a Freedom of Information Act at the state level and has an idea for our state. I have heard him say it and I do think that it deserves some exploring. It is better to be proactive on transparency than reactive.

        In my humble opinion, Jason is the only one that understands the position is NOT about how many trials you have done, but what are you going to do moving forward for our state. Plus I agree who keeps track…frankly the Fitzgerald campaign put out just a couple months ago that he had done 300 jury trials now it is down to 250…so he exaggerates and that is ok?

        One fellow attorney said, Fitzgerald is telling us how great he is and it is for his legacy!…while Ravnsborg is telling us we all are great in South Dakota and how he is going to work tirelessly to make our state better. HUGE DIFFERENCE to me!

      2. Anonymous

        What I find ironic is that while they continue to ask questions of Jason…no one is asking questions of the others on their apparent lack of qualifications in the other areas of the job beyond prosecuting.

        I said long ago Fitzgerald is probably the best prosecutor in the race, but this job is way more than that. I think he is running the worst campaign of the 3 and is in a distant 3rd place because of that. If he can’t run a campaign what makes you think he can run an office of 180+ people? Ravnsborg clearly can and is doing so much more each week. Even his detractors admit he is tireless, hard working, honest, the best campaigner and friendly….

        It is one thing to be a good states attorney, it is another to be a good administrator and leader which is what the Attorney General needs to be. In my opinion Jason is the only one that has the background in all the areas to be Attorney General, not just one.

  4. Anonymous

    Just remember Lance and Jason made the mistake of going into private practice –how dare these guys dare do something other than prosecuting?

    That is the mentality of the FULL TIME States Attorneys…they look down on us part time states attorneys and apparently other members of the bar who do civil work apparently. It has caused a huge rift in the States Attorneys association which is only getting worse.

    It was said publicly at the States Attorneys Conference” I’m glad I did not make the mistake of going in to private practice” by one of these full timers. I won’t mention him yet, but anyone there can verify it.

    Thanks a ton…you didn’t just insult those 2 candidates, neither of which I think were still there, but your zeal blinds you and you insulted the entire bar community.

    I think it is refreshing to have non-full timers running who have had more experience than JUST prosecuting and JUST living off the taxpayers.

    Get out there and meet a payroll once, hire and fire employees based on the your needs and abilities, not based on a budget of money someone else is providing you. I thought as Republicans we were FOR FREE ENTERPRISE?

  5. Anonymous

    Clearly the commenters on here that want a full time prosecutor only don’t get we are sick and tired of these career prosecutors/politicians telling us they are experts on everything and then they fold like a tent on issues such as SB 70 and SB 73.

    I think Jason who is by far running the best campaign in my opinion will get more results in getting States Attorneys and Sheriffs and other members of law enforcement the tools they need to assist them in doing their jobs.

    Would you rather Jason be in the courtroom doing every case which we all know is not what the AG does no matter how many times this false misconception is pushed or fighting to get law enforcement (which is backing him by the way) the tools they need to make their time in the courtroom easier….seems like a no brainer to me.


    1. Anonymous

      You make a great case for a new candidate to get in this race.

      Everyone I talk with is really unhappy with their choices.

      None of them are Marty Jackley.

      In fact Ravnsborg brought Lee Stranahan to SD who spent a year trashing Jackley for over a year. He got 2% of the vote the last time he ran for statewide office.

      How can he beat Seiler?

      2% doesn’t beat Seiler. It didn’t beat Bosworth, Nelson or Rhoden either.

      1. Educated Voter

        Who are you talking with, all I hear is how everyone is happy with the choice of Ravnsborg. Doesn’t Ravnsborg have the support of the majority of sheriffs and numerous other offices, makes me think most people do support him..

        And to bring up Lee has no bearing on the election. Plus, wasn’t Lee no longer working for Ravnsborg at that point Stace?


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