Release: Brown County Sheriff Candidate Faces No Incumbent Challenger

From a release:

Sheriff Candidate Faces No Incumbent Challenger

Aberdeen, S.D. (Jan. 16, 2018) – With only 70 days remaining to turn in the minimum 30  required Republican voter signatures to be put on the ballot for the Brown County Sheriff position, Dan Kaiser is the only candidate currently listed by the Brown County Auditor’s office to be placed on the ballot for the June 5th primary.

Some are speculating that current Brown County Sheriff, Mark Milbrandt, may be considering stepping down from his position to retire. If Sheriff Milbrandt were to be re-elected again, he would be 69 years of age when his term expires in four years.

In a press release statement, Sheriff Candidate Dan Kaiser said, “Whether I face a challenger or not, I believe I bring the right experience to tackle the issues we face today in Brown County,  serving 15 years in local law enforcement protecting our families and 8 years in Pierre forming policies to improve our lives as our State Representative.”

Dan Kaiser will be on the June 5th primary ballot for Sheriff in Brown County, and is currently serving his last term in Pierre as the District 3 State Representative.


7 Replies to “Release: Brown County Sheriff Candidate Faces No Incumbent Challenger”

  1. Anonymous

    So this is a press release by Kaiser that his opponent has not turned in his petition sheet yet, when he still has 70 days left?

    A bit preemptive and odd.

    I did not see anything from the current sheriff saying he was not running yet, just speculation.

        1. Ike

          Hey, now. It was just an off-the-cuff remark about the perils of soldier/cop hero worship and the dangers of pressing that point too far. Mr. Ravnsborg took quite a bit of flak (lol) over it.


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