8 thoughts on “Release: Butte County State’s Attorney Cassie Wendt endorses John Fitzgerald for South Dakota Attorney General”

  1. It’s a huge endorsement if she is willing to call the delegates in the area. At the very least the county party officers.

    1. Isn’t that his first endorsement of any kind?

      Does Lance Russell have any States Attorneys supporting him?

  2. I just think this is too little to late…I have heard a few states attorneys talk about trying to rally for Fitz but most I have talked to support Ravnsborg already, they like his ideas and openness and willingness to talk to them and get their input.

    They have told me they can see why Ravnsborg is a successful commander in the army, he listens and then makes a decision. Whereas Fitz is not as approachable and has this persona of everyone going to jail, that may sound good to some prosecutors, but doesn’t sell to the public at large.

  3. Jason has approximately 5 states attorneys supporting him to Fitzgerald’ s 30 plus. 5 in 3 years of campaigning, not bad.

    1. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I am interested to know where you are getting these numbers from? I would love to see a list of endorsements on each side.

    2. @ Operative: I too would like to see your facts as I have heard from more than 5 state attorneys that support Ravnsborg. Sorry but you sound like propaganda for Fitzgerald with no hard evidence to support.

  4. I would love to know who finds Fitzgerald unapproachable. I have worked around him for years and have always been able to call with any questions and he always responds.

    1. Are you the Same LEO guy that set up the fake FB group claiming to be fair when all it is a propaganda page for Fitzgerald…seems full of integrity to me. (yeah right)

      Countless people I have talked to mentioned how dishonest that seemed

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