Release: Former Governor Frank Farrar Endorses Marty Jackley

Former Governor Frank Farrar Endorses Marty Jackley

BRITTON, SD: South Dakota’s 24th governor has endorsed Attorney General Marty Jackley’s bid to follow in his footsteps.

Governor Frank Farrar of Britton, who also served as attorney general from 1963 to 1969, said Jackley has the right set of experiences to move South Dakota forward.

“I’ve known the Jackley family for years, and Marty has the character, the leadership skills and the passion we need in our new governor,” Farrar said. “He’s shown us he can run the attorney general’s office and balance a budget, and he’s also demonstrated throughout his career that he has an incredible heart for the people of South Dakota.”

Farrar is a South Dakota legend, having served as state’s attorney for Marshall County, attorney general and governor. He is a U.S. Army veteran, a cancer survivor and an avid athlete to this day.

“Marty Jackley has been the greatest attorney general in South Dakota history,” Farrar said. “He served as chairman of the nation’s attorneys general, and that achievement alone makes him an outstanding choice for governor.”

Jackley said that an endorsement as important as Farrar’s is a sign that his campaign is surging at the right moment.

“This endorsement has provided our campaign with incredible inspiration,” Jackley said. “Governor Farrar is very gracious to provide his support and advice, and I’m incredibly honored to have him by our side.”

“Marty is an athlete just like me,” Farrar said. “I know he has the guts and the endurance to be first across the finish line on June 5.”

Farrar’s endorsement video can be watched on youtube  or on facebook here.


16 Replies to “Release: Former Governor Frank Farrar Endorses Marty Jackley”

  1. Blue Lives Matter

    Frank is a great Statesman and has done so much for our state.

    Thank you always Frank for your service and generosity

  2. Anonymous

    Candidates for Governor going into the General election for 2018
    Billie Sutton SDDP
    Marty Jackley SDGOP
    Grudznick Libertarian Party of South Dakota
    Terry LaFleur Constitution Party of South Dakota

  3. "Very Stable Genius"

    Now, Farrar was only one of two, of the 27 Republican governors in South Dakota, to not be re-elected, right?

      1. "Very Stable Genius"

        That’s right, I forgot, only “successful business” men should be in politics…. My bad….

  4. Anonymous

    An amazing man…Attorney General at 33, Governor at 39, still going strong at 89….probably stronger than most of us! Frank is an amazing man!

  5. enquirer

    whatever. the rounds years will be the years that set up whatever prosperity this century delivers to south dakota. no doubt about it.


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