Release: Gene Abdallah Appointed by Attorney General Jackley to Board of Pardons and Paroles

Gene Abdallah Appointed by Attorney General Jackley to Board of Pardons and Paroles

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today the appointment of Gene Abdallah of Sioux Falls, S.D. to the Board of Pardons and Paroles. Abdallah will fill the vacancy left by Don Holloway, effective January 23, 2018.

“Gene has dedicated his life to serving the public in multiple branches of government, including state, local and federal law enforcement. His dedication to public service will serve him and our state well in the difficult and important decisions of the Parole Board,” said Jackley.

“I want to extend my appreciation to Don Holloway for his dedicated service on the Parole Board. He too has dedicated his life to public service and has been a strong leader in protecting our communities and strengthening rehabilitation efforts for nonviolent offenders,” added Jackley.

Gene Abdallah has dedicated numerous years to public service. In 1954, he began serving in the South Dakota Air National Guard. In 1960, he embarked upon a long career in law enforcement which would include positions of county jailer, chief deputy officer, U.S. Marshall for South Dakota and Superintendent of the South Dakota Highway Patrol. After retirement from law enforcement, Gene went on to serve South Dakotans in both the South Dakota House of Representatives and the State Senate between the years of 2001- 2012.

The Board of Pardons and Paroles is a nine member appointed board charged with the authority to make decisions of parole, the revocation of parole, and parole policy and procedures. Three of the board members are appointed by the Governor of South Dakota, three are appointed by the Attorney General, and the remaining three are appointed by the South Dakota Supreme Court.

This appointment is subject to final confirmation by the South Dakota Senate.


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  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Gene is a great pick, look at his experience. He was a deputy sheriff, US Marshall, head of highway patrol and chair of senate judiciary committee. He’s had a lifetime of involvement in law enforcement- and has had to deal with the victims of some horrific crimes. Also, his Law Enforcement Appreciation banquet each year has no rival for support of law enforcement ANYWHERE. I’ve seen him question the deputy director of homeland security about federal waste. Senator Abdallah is a great pick. Congrats Gene

  2. The Sage

    This is not some plum appointment. It’s a working position for someone with the guts to make sometimes tough decisions and be prepared to take the heat for it if something goes wrong. People aren’t exactly lining up for this job. Gene is 81 years old. It’s to Gene’s credit that he accepted this job, and nobody is more qualified for it.

  3. Steve Hickey

    Quit blocking me Pat. Free exchange of ideas. Had a note from some Rapid City repubs who said they wish I commented more here as they like what I say. I told them you block me and that the GOP tent is narrow for you. If my comments are crazy, let others decide. If my comments put heat back on you, welcome to frontline politics and a taste of your own medicine. Have thicker skin.

    1. Anonymous

      Close and reopen all your browser tabs, or use a different browser. The problem is likely at your end.

      Lora has the same issue.

  4. Emails

    Last I heard Gene was suffering some serious health issues. Glad to see he has recovered and still has a passion to serve! Solid choice by Jackley.


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