Release: Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt Endorses Jackley for Governor

Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt Endorses Jackley for Governor

PIERRE, SD: Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt is one of the 62 sheriffs in South Dakota endorsing Attorney General Marty Jackley’s bid for governor.

“Ask the members of law enforcement across South Dakota why they’re supporting Marty Jackley, and they’ll tell you about his integrity, his leadership and his heart for the men and women who wear the uniform,” Leidholt said. “He’s stood beside us throughout his career as attorney general, and now we’re standing beside him in his campaign to become South Dakota’s new governor.”

Leidholt has been Hughes County sheriff for 23 years, and his experience has placed him in national leadership positions.

“Sheriff Mike Leidholt is a friend and a trusted leader in Hughes County,” Jackley said. “His work ethic and dedication led to his election as president of the National Sheriffs’ Association, and his many years of law enforcement service have earned the respect and admiration of the entire state. I’m humbled to have his endorsement.”

Leidholt’s endorsement video can be watched here:


14 Replies to “Release: Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt Endorses Jackley for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    that is 62 wasn’t it 61 before, he must have picked up one.

    I wonder which 4 are left.

    Strong support with law enforcement is important

  2. Anonymous

    Noem has held statewide office since 2011. Yet she has far fewer endorsements and far fewer volunteers than Jackley. Where are her supporters?

  3. Anne Beal

    I suspect she has plenty of supporters but chooses not to issue a press release about each and every one.

    The daily press releases from the Jackley campaign are getting tiresome. Just sayin’

  4. Anonymous

    Have you seen her volunteer and supporter turnout at events, Anne? It is always a fraction of Jackley’s.

      1. Anonymous

        You’re right that interest is low amongst party faithful, but Jackley has far more volunteers and supporters turnout to his events than does Noem. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention.

        1. Anne Beal

          Must be a West River thing. You would hardly guess it’s an election year on the east side of the state. Not a single bumper sticker to be seen.

  5. Anonymous

    Kristi’s campaign think they can win on TV. Maybe they’re right, but what does that say about the kind of Governor we’ll get?

      1. Anonymous

        They do, but only because of Kristi’s national fundraising efforts as a member of Congress. Remember, Jackley outraised her as a candidate for Governor in 2017.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s because he is doing exactly that. He and his campaign are much harder working than Kristi and her crew.

  6. John

    Good endorsement and video…I am thinking Marty has a lot more of these in the can especially with law enforcement.