Release: Jackley Announces “Open and Honest Government Initiative”

Jackley Announces “Open and Honest Government Initiative”

PIERRE, SD: South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley announced his Open and Honest Government Initiative Wednesday, a policy agenda aimed at ensuring accountability in state government.

“In recognition of national Sunshine Week, we wanted our fourth policy initiative to reaffirm our commitment to transparency and honesty in state government,” Jackley said. “Like all our policy initiatives, the Open and Honest Government Initiative is the result of a collaborative effort with input from the citizens of our great state.”

The initiative highlights the action Jackley has taken as attorney general to make government more accountable and outlines an agenda to build on that progress. The six major points include:

1. Initiate a new open government task force to review ways to make state communications and records more available to the public.

2. Strengthen the Government Accountability Board.

3. Clarify open meetings law to prevent government entities from abusing executive sessions to hide information from the public.

4. Adopt new technologies that give us the ability to broadcast meetings more efficiently than ever before.

5. Support legislation requiring settlements negotiated by government entities to be public unless confidentiality is necessary to protect victims of crime.

6. Require statewide candidates to report contributions and expenditures more frequently so voters have campaign finance information in a timely manner, and reform campaign finance laws to require candidates to disclose when they are coordinating with Super PACS or other organizations.

The Open and Honest Government Initiative can be read in its entirety here.

23 thoughts on “Release: Jackley Announces “Open and Honest Government Initiative””

  1. First Noem now Jackley – anti-corruption must be polling pretty well right now! But Sutton leaves them both in the dust, fighting the good fight since before it was in vogue.

    Also, another fun example of statewide candidates endorsing planks of IM22 and the Voter Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment – frequent disclosures, stronger accountability board. Vote YES on Amendment W, Marty!

    1. Unless – *GASP* – have our homegrown South Dakotan politicians been brainwashed by those insidious out-of-state interests? Why else would they be campaigning for open and honest government?!

    2. Sutton leaves them both in the dust…didn’t he promise he was going to release 8yrs worth of emails and has only allowed 2 weeks to be read? That’s fighting the good fight all right.

      I think there was another post concerning accepted donations that wasn’t as professional as you might like.

      1. Why so much hate and anger? Sutton is releasing emails and there will probably be more as he gets time. He has a job, family and doubt much of a staff at this point.. Are the other two candidates for governor doing the same?

        1. Pointing out a fact is hate and anger? Okay. I took that information from a post by PP. Go to the search box and type in Billie Sutton, it pops up basically the same way I posted it. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

          How much time does it take to release emails? I don’t know about the other two candidates, did they make the same promise? Did you notice the other two candidates have jobs and families as well? They seem to working very hard and vigorously running for governor all the while working their jobs and providing for their families. Is that what you think Sutton is doing?

        2. There ya’ go, lib. Anything against a Democrat is hateful. Get a thicker skin and stop being a baby.

          Sutton would be a rubber stamp if, heaven forbid, Pelosi gets in. He can claim to be as moderate as he likes and pretend he’s a conservative now when he’s running, but it would not carry through if he was in office. I think the State is still smarting from Dashole and Timmy Johnson and their left-wing ways.

        1. “After he proposed legislation to expose government emails to public review, state senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton accepted a challenge from the Journal on Oct. 26 to release the emails from his legislative account.”

          This ^^ came from a previous post on SDWC. Search Sutton in the “what are you looking for” box and it’ll pull up for you. He hasn’t released but only 2wks, I guess. Why hasn’t he released them all you wonder? I think it has something to do with going back through to make sure nothing could possibly hinder his chances at a successful campaign. 3:43 seems to think it’s because he’s too busy;)

            1. Sure, we can go with your “hidden conspiracy” theory. However, I just think he’s not released more of them because he wants to double check nothing could potentially muddy up his campaign even more.

              1. not my conspiracy theory but it could always be something with the SDTFHP to further look into. did you want to take the lead on this?

  2. Jackley’s campaign is awash in logos. Can’t wait for the Initiative to Eat All the Easter Candy logo.

  3. I see he throws in travel records- which is an attack against Kristi for not releasing her taxpayer funded travel records.

  4. I see Jackley included a bullet on releasing travel records. This is an attack on Kristi for not releasing her tax payer funded travel records.

  5. This is going to be one competitive primary. Will it go down in South Dakota history as the most exciting and hotly contested?

  6. I feel fortunate that we have 2 upstanding and honest Republican candidates running for Governor. Either one would be so much better than Sutton.

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