Release: Jackley campaign posts new TV ad

Jackley Launches New Statewide TV Ad: “Running”

PIERRE, SD: Attorney General Marty Jackley shows South Dakotans he has what it takes to go the distance in a new statewide TV ad launched Thursday.

Jackley, who ran track in high school and at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, is now running the most important race of his life.

“The lessons about heart, endurance and teamwork that I learned during my days as a student athlete are still guiding me today,” Jackley said. “We have an incredible team of volunteers spreading our conservative message far and wide, and we’re confident our campaign by South Dakotans for South Dakotans will put us over the top on June 5.

Jackley overcame a serious high school football knee injury to receive eight varsity athletic “M” awards in college track and cross country, and has been inducted in the School of Mines Hardrocker Hall of Fame with his cross country teammates.

The new ad highlights Jackley’s policy priorities in addition to his business experience as a law partner and his executive experience as attorney general.


10 Replies to “Release: Jackley campaign posts new TV ad”

  1. Nyla

    I wasn’t expecting this, but I like it. It is nice to see a lighter side of Marty. I’m used to all the serious stuff he typically talks about as Attorney General.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is advising him on media? This is really bad. He needs to up his game or Noem will wipe the floor with him.

  3. Anonymous

    I did not like the music in the background

    What business did he run? I am honestly asking?

    I REALLY LIKE that he is talking to us.

    I did not like the end, trying to bring the kids in and shorts.

    B- ad

  4. The King

    Why no posts about Noem’s internet tax rider on the omnibus bill going down in flames? Next up, Jackley on the big stage of the Supreme Court. Should prove interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    Nice shorts, Marty. Sure to impress the West River ranchers. Meanwhile, Kristi’s kicking butt for SD – one of six House members chosen to negotiate huge tax reform and stands literally beside President Trump while he announces it. (Marty was busy that day doing a KELO interview about how he cost SD $2 million by ignoring a sexual harassment scandal.)


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