Release: Jackley Challenges Noem to Sign Clean Campaign Pledge

Jackley Challenges Noem to Sign Clean Campaign Pledge

Attorney General Marty Jackley called on Congresswoman Kristi Noem Tuesday to agree to a Clean Campaign Pledge for South Dakota.

The Clean Campaign Pledge commits both candidates to conducting their campaigns for governor in a positive and factual manner that focuses on records, accomplishments, opportunities and the significant issues important to South Dakotans, rather than attacking each other.

“As I travel across our state and listen to voters, South Dakotans tell me they want a clean campaign that focuses on issues and creating opportunities to make the lives of South Dakotans even better,” Jackley said. “The congresswoman and I both love South Dakota, and I believe this campaign for governor should be about our experience and vision to move our state forward instead of mudslinging and name-calling.”

South Dakotans have endured long and negative primary campaigns in the past. The South Dakota Clean Campaign Pledge is an attempt to give voters the positive, future-focused campaign they deserve.

“I urge South Dakotans to join me and request that Congresswoman Noem sign this pledge so we can have an honest campaign for South Dakota that focuses on ideas, policy and substance,” Jackley said.

Jackley’s campaign issued the South Dakota Clean Campaign Pledge to the Noem campaign digitally and via U.S. mail on Tuesday morning.

A copy of the pledge is attached.


20 Replies to “Release: Jackley Challenges Noem to Sign Clean Campaign Pledge”

  1. Anonymous

    I dislike all pledges…mostly a publicity stunt and what exactly is out of bounds…you sign one of these and then they will play gotcha …that is out of bounds…no thanks

      1. Anonymous

        I think what they are doing is buying time. They know the public wants answers on EB 5 and Gear Up. They know these trials aren’t doing much to ease the will of the voters.

        Kristi can’t stand Mike Rounds and her people all view Jackley as an extension of Rounds. Rounds pushed her out of the Senate race.

        This is all about them trying to hold off the attacks from Noem for another month or two because when they come they will be in the form of millions of dollars in tv ads that impact the publics perception.

        Jackley has to define himself before Noem does. Jackley knows that he doesn’t have as much money so the shorter he can make the calendar with major spending the better for him. But he also knows he needs to define himself before Noem does because many South Dakotan’s don’t know much about him personally or beyond the fact that he’s been a good AG.

        We all know whether we like Kristi Noem or not because she went through a high profile 2010 election and reelection in 12, 14 and 16.

  2. Anonymous

    Such pledges look like they are setting up an opportunity for someone to claim victimhood and seek sympathy from voters. Voters don’t like candidates who set themselves up as victims and whiners. Voters want a governor with steel in his/her spine. If someone attacks you, attack them back in a fact-based manner with an attitude that, “I didn’t start this, but I’m going to finish it.”

    The offering of one of these pledges conveys a sense of weakness. The Jackley campaign is not in a weak position at this point. But if Marty and Jason Glodt want to flaunt their lawyerly skills drafting pledges the proper response from Kristi is a dismissive, “lawyers doing what lawyers do.”

  3. Record Not Attacks

    5.14 Candidates – We encourage South Dakota Republican candidates to familiarize themselves with, and pledge to support, the platform of the South Dakota Republican Party. We ask candidates to conduct themselves in a professional, moral, and respectful manner. We encourage counties to use the platform as a means to educate and inform candidates and the public.

    Read that here.

    “We ask candidates to conduct themselves in a professional, moral, and respectful manner.”

    Sounds like Noem’s team is worried that they cant keep it clean. She hasn’t run a clean campaign yet, and she hasn’t even had a real opponent. Let’s take another look at the Republican platform plank that Pat just posted recently above. Keeping it clean is want South Dakota’s want. Let the mudslinging stay in DC.

    1. Anonymous

      So if it is already int he platform why do we need another redundant pledge?

      If either side goes out of bounds—won’t the other side respond already?

      1. Record Not Attacks

        Because sometimes people need to be reminded of what they are supposed to stand for. She doesn’t have to sign it and can play as dirty as she wants.
        People shouldn’t be afraid to sign their name to their convictions, unless they are afraid they cannot follow them, or worse, don’t believe in those convictions at all.

    2. Anonymous

      Isn’t this in effect dirty campaigning? They could have gone to her without sending out a press release.

      My guess is this campaign gets ugly as it already appears they are taking shots at each other. She is using law enforcement PR stunts to take not so suttle shots at Jackley on drugs and crime.

      Jackley is dinging her with talk of out of state staff and money everywhere he goes.

      Stace will probably pull a Mike Rounds and win as the nice guy.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        “She is using law enforcement PR stunts to take not so suttle shots at Jackley on drugs and crime”

        Anonymous 10:14 , What do you mean by that? Would you please explain?

  4. JimV

    Ironic coming from the AG that engaged in & condoned unprofessional, misleading investigations of law abiding citizens. Intimidation was SOP but fortunately good people resisted the threats.

  5. WR

    What a joke. Of course he wants this…he has the most skeletons in his closet. Where is the space for Hubblecraft to sign?

  6. Benz

    What’s the definition of a “clean election pledge”…and who get to decide what is “clean” and what is “not clean”???…Sounds like a bunch of “BS” to me…something a whiney liberal would come up with…

  7. Miranda Gohn

    You know there is another option and that is Billie Sutton who would make a great Governor. He’s a great guy, comes from a pretty conservative district, is focused and really has the business chops. I drove down to Burke last month and met Billie and Kelsea Sutton who is a Gregory County commissioner aside from her day job being an attorney. Check Billie out and visit with him sometime. 🙂

  8. Kelly Liieberg

    A person with considerable funds and at the moment, losing. Who wouldn’t position themselves to negate that ?


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