Release: Jackley Wins South Dakota Chamber Poll

Jackley Wins South Dakota Chamber Poll

PIERRE, SD: In a South Dakota Chamber of Commerce poll conducted Thursday at their annual Business Day gathering in the state capital, a majority of the Chamber members from around the state said they supported Attorney General Marty Jackley for governor.

Asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, 60 percent chose Jackley, while 23 percent chose Congresswoman Kristi Noem and 17 percent chose State Senator Billie Sutton:

“I’m incredibly grateful for such a positive outpouring of support from members of the Chamber, but this is about more than supporting my candidacy for governor,” Jackley said. “To me this is a message of support for the ideas that we’ve been circulating throughout the business community the past several months.”

The poll comes after the release of three policy initiatives from the Jackley campaign. Destination South Dakota addressed the state’s tourism industry, and the Pheasant Hunting Initiative pitched a plan to restore the population of the state bird. This week’s Hometown South Dakota Initiative offered five proposals for economic growth.

“Since creating new jobs is our top priority, we’ve been seeking input from small businesses and community leaders across the state, and our policy initiatives will continue to reflect the advice that we receive,” Jackley said. “Our campaign is truly a team effort, and our message to the Chamber is that we want to partner with them to make South Dakota an attractive place to live, work and do business.”

This is the second year in a row those polled by the Chamber have thrown their support behind Jackley, who received 39 percent of the vote last year compared to 24 percent for Noem and 11 percent for Sutton.


16 Replies to “Release: Jackley Wins South Dakota Chamber Poll”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! That is a huge lead within the SD State Chamber. Did all the candidates have a chance to speak before their gatherings prior to voting?

    No mention of any votes for Hubbel.

  2. Anonymous

    Go Marty Jackley! He’s a class act and I’m glad he’s running a South Dakota campaign!

    What does Noem do if she loses? Challenge Rounds?

    1. Anonymous

      Does Krebs run against Barnett if she loses? That’s the big question everyone asks.

      Kristi might be done. Hard to recover from a primary loss when she’s supposed to be a huge frontrunner.

    2. Anonymous

      She stated she wants to spend more time in South Dakota and that is why she is running for Governor so doubtful she would run against Rounds.

    3. Anonymous

      Noem is ahead in any poll of South Dakota Republican primary voters. Fake news and fake polls are real. Kelo-Land had Noem up by 5 nine days ago, does anybody really think that she could drop 42 points in nine days. The chamber poll is less accurate than the Jackley State Fair poll. Jackley was polling himself this week, I am waiting for his campaign to release their results but not holding my breath.

  3. Anonymous

    Curious if Kristi Noem’s time in Congress is turning into a liability for whatever reasons.

    Surprised that Billie Sutton is down there given he is very business oriented especially being in the banking/investments field.

    1. Anonymous

      He Would be higher if anyone thought he had a chance. But a 40 year Democrat drought doesn’t help him and registration is only getting worse.

      Billie is ok but he’s truly not that great of a candidate. He’s got a good story but a weak personality and not the most charismatic person.

      He’s a Democrat golden boy. He’s over hyped.

      Noem has never developed relationships like Jackley is. That’s why so many supporters bailed on her for governor.

      1. Anonymous

        Billie has a weak personality? How so?
        Has his campaign been pretty aggressive? Is he getting out there?
        Curious how he would do running as a Republican.

        Marty’s campaign seems by far to be the most aggressive on the Republican side.

      2. Anonymous

        Noem has spent a lot of time and effort developing relationships in DC. She’s an establishment leadership darling. Her campaign manager is a McConnel crony and she owes her seat on the Ways and Means committee to her friendship with Paul Ryan. Unfortunately she spent eight years promoting herself in Washington while neglecting relationships here at home. It’s starting to show.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like the MJ trolls are busy today. The last real poll I saw has Noem up almost 8 points over Jackley among Republican voters. But nice try at spinning.

  5. Anonymous

    Noem is ahead in any poll of South Dakota primary voters. Keloland-Land had Noem up by 5 nine days ago, does anybody really think that she could drop 42 points in 9 days? The chamber poll is about as accurate as Jackley’s State Fair poll.

  6. Anonymous

    How silly. I couldn’t even read half these comments in my normal thinking voice. I read them in a slightly-sarcastic, overly excited telemarketing voice. The kind you might hear from Marty Jackley’s minions. This poll means diddly-shit and saying that Jackley is ahead won’t magically speak it into existence. We all know who’s going to win once the voting is done.