Release: Kingsbury County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General

Kingsbury County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General

DeSmet, SD: Kingsbury County States Attorney Gregg Gass endorses Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg.

“Jason has earned my endorsement with his ideas to make improvements to SB 70 and SB 73 as well as his understanding of the issues of Kingsbury County.” Gass said “Jason is someone I know I can work with and call upon for advice and assistance in the future”.

Gass resides in DeSmet, South Dakota. He has been the Kingsbury States Attorney since 2009. Gass is a partner in Gass Law P.C. which has offices in Brookings, DeSmet and Arlington, South Dakota.

“Jason understands that the position of Attorney General is one that takes effort each and every day. Jason is the best candidate for Attorney General that I believe has the endurance, work ethic, leadership and legal experience to handle all of the responsibilities of the office.” Gass said. “Jason has my full endorsement and will have my vote at the State Convention and in the General Election”.

If you want to learn more about Jason and his campaign check out his website at


14 Replies to “Release: Kingsbury County States Attorney Endorses Ravnsborg for Attorney General”

  1. Pondering

    I’d like to see a running total of endorsements in this race sometime. Does Russell have any at all?

    1. Jake

      Lance Russell has the only true conservative in the state Stace Nelson supporting him and endorsing him….. I would imagine that’s why no one else is endorsing him. Plus all the State’s Attorney’s know about Lance Russell’s public reprimand for abusing his office when he was the state’s attorney.

      I’ll be shocked if any states attorneys endorse Russell

  2. Anonymous

    Give him credit he wants the job and works hard. I still question his experience but I respect his work ethic and willingness to try.

      1. Concerned citizen

        Agreed. Fitzgerald and Russell seem to be more 9-5 type of people. Do we really want someone that doesn’t put the effort in like Fitzgerald and Russell???

  3. Peter

    Ravnsborg keeps racking up the endorsements: he has the expertise to do the job, momentum, and the support behind him.

    With the majority of the sheriffs backing Ravnsborg and endorsements that keep coming, it seems time for Fitzgerald and Russell to drop out. Russell has no endorsement besides Stace mentioned above, which is a huge blow against him. Fitzgerald has nothing going for him.


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