Release: Large Crowds Greet Jackley at West River Office Grand Opening

Large Crowds Greet Jackley at West River Office Grand Opening

RAPID CITY, SD: In a sign of growing momentum for Attorney General Marty Jackley’s campaign for governor, large crowds gathered Friday for the Grand Opening of his West River Office in Rapid City.

“We’re incredibly humbled by the turnout,” Jackley said. “The line of supporters stretched all the way out the door, which tells me that people are excited for the positive, ideas-based campaign we’ve decided to run.”

More than 130 people attended the office opening, which marks the beginning of the campaign’s grassroots activity on the western side of the state.

“This campaign is about meeting people in their own hometowns, listening to their ideas and asking them how I can be an effective governor for South Dakota,” Jackley said. “The people of our state continue to inspire me, and we look forward to carrying Friday’s momentum into the coming days and weeks of this campaign.”

Jackley’s tour of the state will continue this week with economic round tables featuring leaders from Chamberlain, Kimball, White Lake and De Smet.

A facebook live video of Friday’s crowd can be viewed here.


7 Replies to “Release: Large Crowds Greet Jackley at West River Office Grand Opening”

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. Team Jackley really has momentum going for them on their ground game. Noem not so much but have watched her TV ads but with the money she was able to transfer from Congress for her run for Governor at the legal last minute she should be able to.

      1. Anonymous

        Jackley has SD couples donating as much as 30K and is taking corporate contributions. Noem only allows a maximum of 8K per couple and does not accept corporate donations.

        1. Anonymous

          Kristi transferred TWO MILLION $$$ in out of state special interest federal money hours before a campaign finance law would have barred her from doing so to buy a governor’s race. Save us the hyperventilating about any of your miniscule points.

    2. Anonymous

      The big liability Jackley has is his ties to literally every scandal. Plus the $1.5 million he cost the state when he stupidly ignored a sexual harassment claim. Not great judgement

  1. 2 cents

    Nice turnout

    The TV ads are both good and I doubt the average voter will care where the money comes from or how much. They both have enough for the primary, it will be interesting how much they deplete their resources to have a surprisingly well funded Sutton waiting in the wings for the general election.


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