Release: Marsy’s Law Launches Second TV Ad in South Dakota, “Equal Rights”

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Marsy’s Law Launches Second TV Ad in South Dakota, “Equal Rights”
State’s Attorney Michael Moore Asks Voters for Yes on S

Today Marsy’s Law for South Dakota (Amendment S) launched its second television ad that will run statewide and will run in rotation with additional Marsy’s Law ads to be announced in the near future. The ad, called “Equal Rights,” features Beadle County State’s Attorney Michael Moore who asks voters to support Amendment S, also known as Marsy’s Law for South Dakota. Amendment S would provide South Dakota crime victims with the equal constitutional rights that are already afforded to the accused and convicted.

Michael Moore has been the Beadle County State’s Attorney for over twenty years and has a strong reputation for fighting for crime victims. Moore was selected as the South Dakota Prosecutor of the Year by the SD State’s Attorney Association in 2010. He was also awarded the Domestic Violence Prosecutor of the Year in 2012 by the South Dakota Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee in the United State’s Attorney Office. Moore was elected to serve as President of the National District Attorney’s Association in 2015.

“Giving crime victims equal rights- that is what Amendment S will do,” said State’s Attorney Michael Moore. “As a prosecutor, I’ve seen first-hand how crime victims and their families are too often forgotten about during the criminal justice process.”

“Amendment S provides victims with equal rights they deserve- the right to privacy, to be heard, to be notified and to be free of harassment” said Moore. “Stand up for South Dakota crime victims, vote yes on Amendment S.”

Marsy’s Law for South Dakota is a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights that is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Ann Nicholas. Marsy was a beautiful, vibrant college student who was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only a week after Marsy was murdered, her mother Marcella and her brother Nick walked into a grocery store after visiting her daughter’s grave and were confronted by the accused murderer. They had no idea that he had been released on bail.

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13 Replies to “Release: Marsy’s Law Launches Second TV Ad in South Dakota, “Equal Rights””

  1. Anonymous

    I think the most interesting thing is the political implications of this ad. Is Marsy’s law going to report a like kind donation to the Mike Moore for AG campaign account?

    1. Anonymous

      I’m 1,000% with you.

      Glodt is single handily damaging Jackley’s image as a the top cop in SD with everyone of his postcards and ads. (and now he’s putting in his ads the one and only state’s attorney in SD who didn’t endorse Jackley for AG in 2010)

      Mickelson is thanking Glodt everyday for spending $1 million talking about all that Jackley hasn’t done to help crime victims in 7 years.

      1. Anonymous

        Really interesting considering that Glodt is campaign manager for Marty, and still advising the state party

        1. Anonymous

          What? Does he get paid by the SDGOP? That would explain why they aren’t doing a vote no on everything campaign.

  2. Anonymous

    Did somebody mention outside interests trying to buy South Dakota elections? Hypocrisy is not a virtue.

  3. Anonymous

    If this guy is running Jackley’s campaign then he must be smart enough to know these ads don’t help Jackley’s image and Jackley must certainly know that.

    I don’t buy the rumors. Jackley is smarter than to hire him.

  4. Anonymous

    Glodt is doing a great job advocating for victims. I cannot believe the callous indifference for crime victims of many of the readers of this blog.

    1. Anne Beal

      Because it’s not a law, it’s a constitutional amendment, and it’s being promoted as if it’s going to do something for victims of violent crime, by a guy in California who has lost his mind. Fool seriously thinks he would have been happy to see his sister’s killer if he’d known ahead of time the perp had made bail. Maybe he would have been so happy he would have bought him a Coke and given him a hug?
      the whole premise behind this thing is nuts.

      1. mhs

        The whole premise behind this thing is a California trial lawyer’s dream law, Anne. Think about what happens if government fails to abide by the law: that’s right, the victims get to sue for damages. This law supersedes South Dakota’s sovereign immunity protections and opens up taxpayers to endless lawsuits.