Release: Mayor Candidate Greg Jamison demands release of Premier Center documents

Mayor Candidate Greg Jamison demands release of Premier Center document

Greg Jamison Mayor candidate called upon the city administration to release all reports and documents related to the Premier Event Center.

“Hiding behind legal formalities to keep details secret on our city’s crown jewel is no way to run a city government,” said Jamison.

“We need to be completely transparent with taxpayers’ money and give the City Counselors all the information so they can better serve the taxpayers that have elected them,” Jamison added “not releasing this information and/or calling it a draft is bad public policy.”

This is not the first time Jamison has called on the current administration to be more open. One of the main issues Jamison has pushed in city government is full disclosure on how taxpayer funds are being spent.

As a State Legislator, he continued the fight for openness and proposed HB1166. The legislation would have curbed confidential agreements involving taxpayer money. At Jamison’s announcement, he once again put openness in government at the forefront of his campaign.

“Secrecy breeds mistrust and can cost taxpayers money and doesn’t reflect what the taxpayers want.  As mayor, I will have an open door, open books and an open mind,” Jamison concluded.


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