Release – NEW AD: Noem Kids Explain 4 Pillars of Protection

NEW AD: Noem Kids Explain 4 Pillars of Protection

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem launched a new television ad, which features her children discussing Noem’s Four Pillars of Protection. Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker remind viewers that Noem has committed to protecting South Dakotans from tax increases, government growth, federal intrusion, and government secrecy.

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“My mom, Kristi Noem, asked us to tell you a little about her plan for South Dakota,” says Kennedy.

“She calls it the Four Pillars of Protection,” explains Kassidy.

Kassidy and Kennedy continue by explaining the Four Pillars: “Keeping taxes low. Controlling spending. Limiting government intrusion. And making the government open and honest.”

You can view Noem’s complete plan at


Protection from Tax Increases. South Dakota is one of just seven states without an income tax – and we need to keep it that way. As governor, I pledge to veto efforts to increase taxes, and I’ve put that commitment in writing when I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Protection from Government Growth. Under my administration, there would be no new boards, no new commissions, and no new blue ribbon task forces. Instead, we would look to scrub each agency, refocusing and streamlining existing departments while cutting red tape.

Protection from Federal Intrusion. When the Army Corps attempted to charge South Dakota for use of our own water from the Missouri River, I successfully fought back as the state’s lone member of the House. When the federal government came after the Hot Springs VA, I advocated for South Dakota veterans. And when the Second Amendment was attacked, I stood up for our constitutional rights. As governor, I would do the same, working with the congressional delegation and leveraging my own relationships with federal leadership to protect our rights and way of life as South Dakotans.

Protection from Government Secrecy. Voters have repeatedly supported government integrity measures at the ballot box. I hear you. As governor, I will build on the recent momentum, working to throw open the doors, not only of the state capital, but also encouraging county commission offices and school boards to give you unprecedented access to the government decision-making process at all levels.

21 Replies to “Release – NEW AD: Noem Kids Explain 4 Pillars of Protection”

  1. The King

    Maybe Booker could help explain how his federal debt obligation went from $40K to $60K under his mother’s watch?

  2. anon

    Booker explaining the increased debt is political spin. If you want to spin that, then you should expect to hear back the increased crime rate under Jackley’s watch.

    Good ad.

    1. Anonymous

      But Jackley wasn’t the governor screwing counties over at the time. Jackley is clean on this one.

  3. Troy Jones

    Worst and most phony/shallow ad of the season. But Marty’s lack of “Vision” is just a step up, barely. We should feel insulted this is what we get in the last two weeks.

    I don’t need the big vision “thing” for a Governor to be substantive. But it would be nice if they noticed more than a paint chip that needs to be re-touched.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree troy. Neither campaign is bold. They are both status quo.

      Where is the vision? These are weak campaigns without any soul.

    2. Cliff Hadley

      Mr. Jones…

      Insulted? Not at all. Likability will always be the No. 1 quality for those seeking political office, and that’s what both Rep. Noem and AG Jackley have been projecting from the gitgo. Policy? Vision? Don’t care. There’s not a dime’s difference between the candidates. And both are equally likable. So…. Voters have liked Noem in four statewide elections and Jackley twice. I see Noem winning this time in a photo finish.

  4. The Sage

    Is Kristi Noem going to put these three on the state payroll at $100,000+ salaries if she’s elected?

        1. Anonymous

          That’s a good question. Seems telling that one of her girls would be cashing in on state politics just as dear old mom is looking to lead the state.

  5. Litz

    It’s just way too long. Four pillars of protection? The second amendment is the only pillar needed.

  6. Troy Jones

    Mr. Hadley,

    I agree on hot button issues near and dear to Republican’s, there isn’t a great deal of difference between them. Both have advocated those positions well in their current positions. So where can they be different- style and priorities of governing. But, nary a word there (except Noem’s anti-transparency, de minimis fiscal impact, pro-bureaucrat tirade against citizen input into governance). It’s as if both are playing not to lose.

    Both Reagan and Trump taught us something: Have a vision endorsed by the people so when you win you can actually do more than upgrade your home address. To endorse it, we need to hear it.


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