Release – Noem: Free Speech is Not Optional on College Campuses, It’s a Right

Noem: Free Speech is Not Optional on College Campuses, It’s a Right

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Rep. Kristi Noem today endorsed H.B.1073, which would protect free speech on South Dakota’s college campuses.

“More and more, we’re seeing certain voices – often conservative or Christian voices – purposely silenced on our college campuses,” said Noem. “While these are places where the free expression of ideas should thrive, college campuses, including some in South Dakota, are showing a growing intolerance toward free speech. Given the rising level of censorship and the concerning limits placed on student’s exposure to differing perspectives, it’s important the legislature act to permanently protect intellectual diversity on taxpayer-funded campuses. Free speech in these places is not optional. It is a constitutional right students are entitled to.”

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10 Replies to “Release – Noem: Free Speech is Not Optional on College Campuses, It’s a Right”

    1. Anonymous

      Yes. USD wanted to restrict free speech on campus, there is a bill with rep Mike Clark to keep the campus a free speech zone. There was a post on here about a week ago…scroll down and you can find it

  1. Stan

    Thank you Kristi! It’s time to fix our campuses! We don’t need liberal professors indoctrinating our kids for 4 years.

  2. William

    Why do taxpayers fund left-wing professors who hate the United States and want to turn our children into little Bernie Sanders clones? This needs to stop. Glad to see Noem showing some muscle

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe people should look at out of state options, though I think to avoid most of the public university indoctrination you’d need to go to a reputable private institution.

      How about affirmative action for conservatives in the college classrooms?

  3. TB

    Stop spewing hate and bullshit, and you wouldn’t feel oppressed. It’s interesting that your lot is running the country, yet you can’t get anything accomplished. I also have to wonder, are other religions and their political beliefs going to be protected as well? Or does this only apply to white Christian republicans.


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