Release: Noem Supports Trump’s Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood 

Noem Supports Trump’s Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem yesterday spoke on the House Floor in support of President Trump’s proposal to end family planning funding for abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, and redirect those resources into health centers that do not promote or perform abortions.

“There is nothing more fundamental to our society than our kids,” said Noem. “Our founding documents speak on behalf of ‘us and our posterity.’ The American Dream itself rests on the idea that our children will have more opportunity than we do. That is how America works. And no matter how small they are, whether born or unborn, we should never stop passionately arguing for their life and their liberty.”

President Trump’s announcement builds on Noem’s work earlier this Congress to overturn an Obama-era rule that forced states to give Title X family planning dollars to organizations that commit abortions. Noem helped lead the House in passing H.J.Res.43, which President Trump signed into law, to overturn President Obama’s rule and give states more flexibility to defund Planned Parenthood.

26 Replies to “Release: Noem Supports Trump’s Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood ”

  1. Anonymous

    Being in Congress must suck. It’s all press releases and speeches but not much gets done.

  2. Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood performs nearly all of the procedures covered under TRICARE. Republicans are really just concerned Latinos will overrun the workforce because white people make up at least 36% of abortions performed in the US.

    1. Anon

      Anonymous at 10:43, black women, who make up 12% of the total female population, are getting 50% of the abortions.

      Even worse, of all the women aged 15-35 living below the FPL, only 12% are white women living in all white households. Those other 88% are producing babies in a rainbow of colors. They are the “poor women”
      who “need abortions,” according to the Democrats.

      Go for it:please explain why Democrats want those babies to die and Republicans want them to live.

      1. KM

        Here’s another shocking statistic… More black children are aborted in NYC than born. BLM?

      2. Springer

        Because Republicans care about all innocent life, regardless of race or color or ethnicity. What do Democrats care about??!

        1. KM

          They mostly care about death, indoctrination, theft and of course their illegal voting blocs. They are aligning more and more with the Communist party – aka: Progressive party;)

          1. Anonymous

            Communist? Really? What makes that different than the Socialist Parties in our NATO allied countries say like Norway? Germany? France and others?

            1. KM

              Communist? Yes. Really? Yes.

              Read the “Naked Communist”, you’ll see how the Democratic party has been able to implement many of their tactics to change America from the inside.

              Karl Marx -> Fabian Socialists -> Students For a Democratic Society -> Weather Underground -> Bill Ayers -> President Obama.

              Rev. Jim Wallis was an activist with S.D.S, do you know who the Reverend advised? Be an independent thinker and do some research.

          2. Anonymous

            Did you know that Israel has health care for all and Abortions are legal there?

            1. KM

              Yes, I did know that. If I was in Israel, I’d be fighting for the right to life just like I am here. Have you watched a video on how abortions are performed? Babies’ skulls are crushed. Babies’ limbs are ripped from their bodies. Maybe you’ve been desensitized, but I haven’t.

            2. Anonymous

              So what, if it’s true. Abortion is still evil no matter who is supporting it..

    2. Anon

      White people make up 63.7% of the population, are getting only 36% of the abortions; and this is evidence that Latinos are going to take over the workforce? Huh?

  3. Kelly Lieberg

    Being a lame duck congressional representative, will she saddle the party with another Boehner/Ryan type of Speaker ?

      1. KM

        You’re not doing a very good job proving your establishment theory. If Noem is establishment, what do you consider Thune or Rounds to be?

        1. Anonymous

          1) Kristi and Ryan are politically joined at the hip.

          2) Kristi was closely aligned with Comgressman Aaron Schock of Illinois (who was a prime fundraiser for the GOP establishment) before he had to resign under a cloud of scandal.

          3) Noem’s campaign is run by Justin Brasell, a Tool of both Mitch McConnel and the HRCC.

            1. Anonymous

              That’s all it takes? Trey Gowdy is a hell of a talker, but failed to accomplish anything more than that with any of his investigations. The guy is all blow no show, and now he’s leaving Congress, just like Kristi.

                1. Anonymous

                  It’s not about being worthy; it’s a question of integrity. Gowdy doesn’t have any.

        2. Kelly Lieberg

          The 17th Amendment facilitates an establishment culture. A great amount of local accountability was lost.

  4. Anonymous

    Repubs should support legalized abortion because criminals don’t follow laws……just like guns, right?

    1. KM

      The NRA has blood on their hands!!

      Just wanted to see what it was like to be a leftist;)