Release: South Dakota GOP Joins Fight Against Amendment V’s Out-of-State Millions

sdgopSouth Dakota GOP Joins Fight Against Amendment V’s Out-of-State Millions

Pierre, SD – November 3, 2016 – South Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Budmayr announced that the South Dakota GOP is committing funds to combat the millions of dollars in dark, out-of-state money that has poured into South Dakota to support Amendment V.

“South Dakota’s Constitution is worth protecting from Amendment V’s out-of-state, anti- transparent attack. That’s why we are committing funds to support the local effort to combat this effort and encourage South Dakotans to Vote No on Amendment V,” said Budmayr.

The South Dakota Republican Party is committing $70,000 to Vote No On V, the local effort to oppose Amendment V. $70,000 represents around 6 percent of the amount contributed to push Amendment V by the out-of-state group Open Primaries. To date, this New York group has contributed more than $1.12 million to the effort to overhaul South Dakota’s Constitution. The South Dakota Republican Party, unlike Open Primaries, discloses the source of its funds.

“Our contribution may pale in comparison to the millions in out-of-state, special interest money given to push the measure, but we believe it will help to inform South Dakotans about Amendment V’s attempt to hide information from voters and make us more like California,” Budmayr added.

Following the pre-general campaign finance report, Proponents for V had raised more than $1.5 million. 85 percent of the funds raised to support Amendment V came from outside South Dakota.

No On V, the local effort to oppose the Constitutional change, had raised more than 99 percent from South Dakota donors.

In addition to the South Dakota Republican Party, the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the South Dakota Association of Cooperatives, South Dakota Farm Bureau, Governor Daugaard, Senator Thune, Senator Rounds and Congresswoman Noem have all joined to formally oppose this outside effort and encourage South Dakotans to Vote No on V. 

Contact Ryan Budmayr, Executive Director of the Republican Party, at 605-777-0467 with any questions.


19 Replies to “Release: South Dakota GOP Joins Fight Against Amendment V’s Out-of-State Millions”

  1. Charlotte Weems

    Thank you state GOP.

    Please stop all these crazy things being pushed by Obama’s minions in South Dakota.

    We don’t need them!

    1. Anonymous

      YEAH! We don’t need no New York billionaire telling us what to do…. unless he is our nominee…

    1. Anonymous

      Reading this I feel like Budmayr and Mortinsen lack follow-through or are in over their heads. They sent out a press release at the beginning of the month saying Amendment V violated campaign finance laws. Then they don’t file a complaint with the AG’s office when the report came out showing that Open Prmiaries gave them over $800k.

      From the Argus 10/06/16:
      Two organizations that urged supporters to donate money to a ballot committee that is promoting a constitutional amendment in South Dakota denied Thursday that they broke state campaign finance laws.

      The Vote Yes on V campaign took contributions from two outside groups, Open Primaries and, that raised and collected money explicitly to back the ballot measure. While outside groups are free to donate money to ballot committees like Yes on V, state law forbids those organizations from contributing money that was “raised or collected by the organization for the purpose of influencing the ballot question.”

      In at least two instances, Open Primaries and solicited donations citing their efforts to fund the South Dakota amendment, said Will Mortenson, the chairman of Vote No on V. In an email last month, Open Primaries urged its supporters to donate money to Vote Yes on V, which the group promised to match two-to-one to help fund Vote Yes on V television ads. also released an email to supporters this week endorsing Amendment V.

      From Argus same article:
      Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said state law requires organizations like Open Primaries and to register as ballot question committees if they raise or collect money for a ballot measure.

      “If they solicited specifically for a ballot question, then that is against state statute,” she said.

      However, she added, it would also depend on whether Vote Yes on V received money that was raised by the organizations, and that wouldn’t be reflected until the committee is required to file its pre-election campaign finance report on Oct. 28.

      “There’s a lot of what-ifs in there,” she said.

      From same Argus story:
      The attorney general’s office is responsible for investigating campaign finance violations. Sara Rabern, Attorney General Marty Jackley’s spokeswoman, said in an email Thursday that the office had not received a formal complaint, although it had been forwarded a copy of the Vote No on V press release.

      1. Anonymous

        My big question is why hasn’t No on V or the SD GOP with Ryan Budmayr or Susan Jones Pranger with the SDDP filed a formal complaint with the AG’s office?

        Basically this is the end of either of them having a job.

        1. Anonymous

          These guys get once to get this wrong and then it’s over. This isn’t an IM it is an amendment to the constitution. Good luck changing that.

        2. Anonymous

          The article says that the AG’s office received a copy of the No on V press release. That means they have received the complaint.

          For what its worth, both the AG and the SOS have been fairly reluctant to pursue a case when it involves what would be a very technical violation. It was probably wise for No on V to concentrate on getting the message out and let the AG worry about enforcing the law.

    2. Anon

      Is that an honest question, Hillbilly? Both Noem and Rounds were listed in the post above as being part of the opposition and both have donated to the No on V campaign.

  2. Anonymous

    does anyone know can you write to Jonathan Ellis on his blog somewhere? I want to tell him to get his head out of the clouds and stop believing all this Pro V propaganda…the Knudsons are liberals so is Joe Kirby …I don’t see one Republican supporting V that is not a liberal… ie Stan Adelstein is another example of a liberal republican….or frankly RINO…it is like a list of every liberal Republican who has nothing to do with the party but criticize it….

    How about some Stories about all the games they will play with V.. bc of the top 2 system….

    My opinion of him has diminished greatly bc of this dishonest “reporting”

  3. Anonymous

    KELO is supposed to have a ballot measures show tonight at 630 PM CST…not sure how long as there are 10 and if they will get in depth or give glossy talking points….but take it for what it is worth

    NO on V

  4. Anonymous

    Just heard that Yes on V is getting another $240,000 in response to this. They don’t have to report it though until the next required period. Most likely won’t get reported by liberal media.

      1. Roy Vorlek

        Hell I don’t care where the money is coming from, I am going to go donate right now because it is a good idea and that is all that matters.

        1. Pat Powers Post author

          Roy/Anonymous, why are you responding to your own comment under a different name? It’s like making out with a mirror.

  5. Anonymous

    I have no idea if V is going to pass or fail – that one poll showed it as a tie. I give Will Mortenson a lot of credit for putting up a scrappy fight though. He’s getting massively outspent by the NY billionaire but he’s got a good ad, and he got the media to cover his side of the story – tough when they are mostly biased against him.

  6. Adam Zobel

    The “No” supporters should be thankful for all of the ballot questions. They probably have at least a 10-point start because of the voters who plan to vote no on every question.