Release: South Dakota Small Businesses Endorse Sen. Mike Rounds for Re-election 

South Dakota Small Businesses Endorse Sen. Mike Rounds for Re-election 

PIERRE, S.D. (Oct. 27, 2020) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, today endorsed Senator Mike Rounds for re-election to the United States Senate.

“Senator Mike Rounds has been a strong supporter for small businesses during his time in the U.S. Senate, earning a 100% NFIB voting record on issues impacting small businesses in South Dakota,” said Lindsey Riter-Rapp, NFIB’s South Dakota State Director. “As a small business owner and NFIB member, Senator Rounds knows first-hand the issues that impact small business employers every day. He has supported historic tax relief for South Dakota’s small businesses and works hard to advance pro-small business legislation in the U.S. Senate. On behalf of South Dakota’s small business community, we are proud to endorse Senator Mike Rounds for re-election today.”

“Senator Rounds is a proven ally of South Dakota’s small businesses,” said NFIB’s National Political Director Sharon Sussin. “We are pleased to endorse Senator Mike Rounds for re-election to the U.S. Senate and we look forward to continue to work with him.”

Mike Rounds endorsement today comes from NFIB FedPAC, the organization’s political action committee. NFIB FedPAC is funded by NFIB member donations above membership dues. Decisions made by NFIB FedPAC are managed by a member-driven grassroots evaluation process. Small business owners are influential in their communities and NFIB members in South Dakota will work hard to re-elect Mike Rounds.


5 thoughts on “Release: South Dakota Small Businesses Endorse Sen. Mike Rounds for Re-election ”

  1. He owns a small business? Isn’t he reportedly one of the wealthiest members of the Senate? With a networth in the 10s of millions of dollars?

    I’m sure he can really relate to the small business owners in Martin, Burke, or Lemon.

    1. Mike Rounds came from a family of 10 kids where they were kicked from the nest, from which Mike’s only assets were a faith and a work ethic. Whatever Mike has, he earned by sheer hard work, business acumen, and ingenuity.

      There may be many issues upon which people can disagree with on Mike or criticize him but he is a great husband, father, and honest businessman. I know. I was raised in Pierre, graduated with Mike’s little brother, rode to sporting vents in the Rounds family car, ate at their large picnic table kitchen table and went back to Pierre after college when Mike was embarking on his business career. Mike’s acorn didn’t fall far from the Don Round’s trunk and it grew strong under that solid canopy of love and integrity.

      Slurs by innuendo like above just doesn’t hunt.

      1. I failed to mention his mother, Joyce, who was among the warmest and most loving persons I had ever met.

        P.S. Mike came from a family of 10 siblings. I started saying that and typed kids.

        1. That’s all fine and great- but didn’t address what I said at all.

          Well your adoration for him and his family is laudable, it doesn’t detract from the fact that Senator Rounds doesn’t face the same difficulties as a real small business owner living paycheck to paycheck in rural communities across the state, which have undoubtedly been harmed from COVID-19.

          While he has worked to amass substantial wealth that will, no doubt, carry him and his family through the lean times, he’s not like the many businesses across that state that are struggling to keep their doors open, food on the table, and the ability to pay any employees they have.

          1. It did. He started with nothing, lived extremely frugally, often depending on his wife’s income to pay bills, and it took him decades to get where he is.

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