Release: South Dakotans Continue to Support Dusty

South Dakotans Continue to Support Dusty

Republican Candidate Received over 1,000 Separate Donations in Q3

Mitchell – Today, Dusty Johnson announced that his campaign had received over one thousand (1,000) separate donations in the third quarter of this year for a total of more than $540,000.

“I’m incredibly thankful to have such broad support from South Dakotans,” said Dusty Johnson.  “The energy and enthusiasm for a positive, policy-focused campaign has been incredible. The sheer number of donations we’ve received is a testament to that excitement.”

Since July 1st, Johnson’s campaign has received 1,065 donations for a total of $543,000. Over 90% of donations came from South Dakotans.  Dusty received the “Most Local Candidate Award” from news outlet Axios, which is given to the U.S. House candidate who received the lowest portion of donations from outside the district. Support of small dollar donors continues to be a huge part of Dusty’s campaign.  In the third quarter, 510 people gave donations of $200 or less to Johnson’s campaign.

“Dusty has more South Dakota support than any candidate in this race,” said Will Mortenson, Johnson’s Campaign Manager.  “South Dakotans are tired of the anger and the dysfunction. This is just another sign that Dusty’s hard work and positive message is connecting with voters.”

Dusty Johnson is a Republican businessman running for U.S. Congress to rein in federal spending, combat DC dysfunction, and return power to families, businesses, communities and states.  He is a former South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner and former Chief of Staff to Governor Daugaard.  Dusty is a husband, a father of three boys and Vice President of a private sector engineering and consulting firm based in Mitchell.


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  1. Anonymous

    A little off topic…

    I haven’t noticed as many Dusty signs out now as I did during the primary. What I have seen is Bjorkman signs popping up, in boulevards, on busy intersections – 25th & Sycamore, SF. Is this legal?

  2. JKC

    But isn’t that, because a lot of big contributions from South Dakota fat cats are making the South Dakota claim look better, than it actually is?….. Unless money from fat cats doesn’t matter?…..



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