Release: Tapio Calls for Immediate End of Mueller Probe, Pledges Support for Hillary Prosecution

Tapio Calls for Immediate End of Mueller Probe, Pledges Support for Hillary Prosecution 

(Wednesday, May 16, 2018) South Dakota GOP Congressional candidate Neal Tapio today issued harsh criticism against former FBI Director Robert Mueller, calling for an immediate end of the Mueller-Rosenstein investigation of the Trump White House that is now entering its second year. Tapio today promised that if elected, he will strongly support an end to the ‘Russian Collusion,’ investigation that he says is a proven political assassination plot against the President and also promised that he would fully support a Congressional investigation into the actions of Hillary Clinton and Clinton loyalists who have been proven as the origins of the Mueller probe against Trump.

“What the American people are watching is nothing less than a litigation Coup d’tat against a sitting President of the United States. This is what happens when the criminal machinery of Washington D.C. fights back against an outsider hired by the American people to fix a broken government,” Tapio said.

“For more than a year and at millions of dollars of taxpayer expense, the powers of the Department of Justice are being used to punish a duly elected President for disrupting their game and their agenda of tearing down the American nation on the road to a globalist system,” Tapio said.

Tapio  also expressed hope that revelations contained in the famous ‘Nunes Memo,’ and an emerging  chain of evidence suggesting fraudulent origins of the infamous Steele Dossier used to begin the investigation of Donald Trump would eventually lead to full fledged prosecution of a host of players involved in the plot to unseat Donald Trump and overturn the results of the 2016 election. Tapio says it’s clear that Democrats are planning to impeach Trump if they gain control of Congress in the 2018    election.

“It should send shivers up the spine of every American citizen that on the basis of fraudulent and phony documents, police-state surveillance under the orders of Hillary Clinton loyalists can be used against an anti-establishment candidate for higher office, in a deliberate attempt not only to defeat Donald Trump politically, but to ruin him publicly, financially and personally for having the gall to take on the Washington machine,” Tapio said.

“Nothing less than the Presidency is at stake in the 2018 election,” Tapio said. “That’s why it’s important not only that Republicans maintain control of both houses of Congress, but that we choose people who will stand strongly with President Trump in the face of this onslaught,” Tapio said


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  1. Anonymous

    Tapio may be many things but he stands strongly with President Trump and would continue to do so I have no doubt.

    1. Anonymous

      Go to Facebook and read the weird letter posted on his wall about how the Holy Spirit is visiting him. Psycho.

      1. KM

        Oprah is considering a presidential run in 2020 saying she’ll wait to hear from God before making a final decision. She is a psycho?

  2. Anonymous

    Dog whistle! Dog Whistle! Desperation and say anything and hope it sticks. Wonder what this guy will do after he loses badly for the nomination. Go back to running his business and just focus on that and lay low or do his business and do the Islamaphobia/Xenophobia fear mongering traveling road show with that 3rd rate used car salesman from St. Cloud.

    1. Pondering

      You know, the reason Liberals/Democrats/Leftists are so obsessed with “dog whistles” is that they are the ones who use messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.

      Whatever you think of Tapio, his statement here is clear and unambiguous, with zero coded language.

    1. KM

      Is Dusty a big government guy? There may be some truth to your hashtag. Listening to the forum last night, I noticed Dusty stated he wasn’t all that ready to give up govt control in the VA. President Trump and many veterans want their health care to come from the private sector, the freedom to choose their own doctor. Didn’t the House just approve legislation giving veterans more leeway to see doctors outside the VA? Which way would Dusty have voted?

      1. Anonymous

        Porter Lansing or whatever personality you are at the moment, Thru the course of several months you have accused various posters over a “Dakota Free of reasonable thought and commenters Press” of being Pat Powers, Troy Jones and whatever imaginary people in your mind when they were not. They told you were way off the mark last night at the other blog by different persons over there and I’ll tell you are way off the mark now. You don’t know what you are talking about and are not even close with current information. Get a grip! Not sure what strain you have been smoking in Colorado but stop and seek professional help.

        1. Anonymous

          Have no idea who KM is but a Jon I know of is an Iraq War Vet that is oblivious to any political blogs and is busy raising his family and serving vets If his family, friends and those who he served with find out he is being falsely accused and connect the dots Porter’s buddy running for state senate in Aberdeen will have more District 3 residents voting against him. Porter is going to end up having to replace his head in his photo with a Donkey head wearing a bow tie..

  3. Anonymous

    Why is Noem silent on so many issues? I’ll be glad when she’s out of office.

  4. Wazzzzuuppp

    Neal Tapio is what happens when a person’s entire source of information is Fox News. Most mainstream Republicans recognize what a joke Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and the awfulness called Fox and Friends (weekday mornings) have become. If Tapio wins and joins the Freedom Caucus and they are successful in shutting down the Mueller Investigation, the Republican Party, as we know it, will cease to exist.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually, most thinking people with intellectual honesty realize that CNN, MSNBC, and generally the rest of the MSM are a bunch of shills for the socialst/democrats. I know that truth hurts, so it’s not surprising to see leftwingers bash FOX News and yet they lift up Pup Blitzer, Rachel Madcow, and the rest of the Take-Down-Trump-At-Any-Cost crowd. Mueller should never have been appointed as he is in bed with Comey and has hired a bunch of partisan, Trump-hating liberals who would break any law and tell any lie to get what they want.

      Honor is not part of the Democrat party platform, and that is a fact.

      1. Anonymous

        Trump has proven there’s no honor in the Republican Party. And that IS a fact. 😀

        1. Anonymous

          I miss the old Grand Old Party. Don’t even recognize the party of Trump who will jettison what is left of the GOP if things don’t go his way. Whatever happened to the party of IKE? btw! Where is IKE? He was posting here a few weeks ago or in spirit.

      2. Anonymous

        Cnn and MSNBC are trash, as is Fox. Just because they are terrible doesnt mean Fox is good. Come on.

    2. duggersd

      Can you name something the investigation has come up with other than charging people for non-related “crimes”? Oh yeah, he as indicted a company that did not even exist when the alleged crime occurred. Can you even name the law about collusion that is supposed to be investigated? Do you remember when Trump said he was being wiretapped? Everyone laughed, but now it turns out it was true. The more I hear and read about this so-called investigation, the more it appears to be someone looking for a crime to justify his job existence. BTW, should an Independent Council be impartial? Would there be a conflict of interest if say Mueller and a major participant such as Comey were besties? No, Wazzzuuppp, this is something that should be shut down. More and more Americans are seeing it as unfair to the President. And I agree on Tapio on this point. This is a very chilling thing to be happening to an elected official. I dare you to submit to this kind of anal examination.

    3. Anonymous

      Wazzup–Possibly the most ignorant piece of political analyses I’ve ever read. In case it escaped your reality, until Trump, the GOP was as irrelevant as Mitt Romney’s choice in toothpaste. Without Trump, it will be again. Trump was the only person in a 17-man field who could have beaten Hillary. Now, the mainstream of both parties hate and fear him because he’s dismantling the machinery of the monolith. It’s possible that establishment Republicans hate him doubly for his ability to win a Presidential election that has slipped forever beyond the grasp of the GOP elite. Two parties, one globalist destination with an end to national sovereignty and homogenized poverty, multicultural violence and police state enforcement of the end of freedom in America.

      People who fight against this are not extremists. They are patriots. They’re easy to spot, these days. Look for the person most ridiculed, most vilified and most under attack by the ‘reasonable’ voices at the center and pull the lever.

    1. KM

      Yes, if I recall correctly, in 2012 Democrats booed God and Jerusalem at their national convention. Berating the preacher attempting to give an opening prayer is quite telling and does explain a lot. Democrats can now easily be compared to Communists. Take one look at Keith Ellison and you’ll see how radical they’ve become; the party of hate and death.

      1. Anonymous

        Do you have a link showing that?

        btw! A Porter over at Dakota Free from rational thought Press thinks you are posting under different names over there. Are you or is it the drugs over there?

        1. KM

          I visited the “hate speech” blog once and that was enough for me, and I think Porter was blocked from posting here? I don’t pander to their feelings, so there’s that. They’re not interested in dialogue, just making sure to express their hatred for the white race (specifically white men), the family unit, unborn babies, the elderly and American patriotism. If you’re an independent, free thinker, you are not welcome in the SDDP… not that I want to be anymore anyway, I am not a Communist.

          I don’t often post links because what I type can easily be copied, pasted and searched. Then you can choose how you want your narrative spun or you can watch the YouTube video and come to a conclusion on your own. Have fun;)

  5. MHS

    Wonder if he’s changed his mind about standing with Trump since Trump released a statement today celebrating the start of Ramadan?

    1. KM

      “Our Constitution ensures Muslims can observe Ramadan in accordance with the dictates of conscience and unimpeded by government.” – President Trump.

      Probably not going to change his mind since he supports freedom of religion as well. Freedom should be celebrated, wouldn’t you agree? It’s Islam that has trouble allowing Muslims the right to freedom. If a Muslim wants to be an atheist, Christian, gay or a free person wanting to make decisions for themselves and not follow Islam, they are to be killed. Have you read what the Koran says about women’s rights? It’s frightening.

      1. Anonymous

        Leviticus 20:13
        “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.”

        I don’t think hypocrisy is owned by one religion specifically.

          1. KM

            They know nothing of the Christian faith if they are quoting from the Old Testament while neglecting the New Testament.

            Would they be willing to compare Jesus with Muhammad? Did Jesus rape little girls and call for the death of Jews or any non-believer? Maybe they could help us find those passages.

          2. Anonymous

            No- they just tie them to fence ties and grow rocks at their heads, they choose not to view then as an equal human being due solely to a held religious belief, they do not recognize a right/or privilege because it’s two men or two women under the eyes of the law, they do not love the person and hate he sin- they just hate.

            At least that’s what my +20 around the church in the eastern and western parts of the state have taught me.

  6. Anonymous

    Neal you campaign is running similar to this in that it uses alternative realities .

    Rex Tillerson, unplugged, at VMI Commencement:
    “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”

  7. Troy Jones


    I sign my name every time. Here and at DFP. But, just so you know, I haven’t posted in months at DFP, maybe not this year. I don’t remember. Anything you think is me but is unsigned is not from me. period. End of conversation.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Sorry about letting that slip through. Porter was uninvited from posting here a while ago because he would not keep it civil. Apparently, things have not changed.

      And I agree Troy. If We posted anonymously as some people try to claim we do, we wouldn’t have time for anything else.

      1. Troy Jones

        However, I understand how they get confused. Another person posts something stupid and they say “only Troy is that stupid. Must be him.” And, another says something brilliant and they say “Can’t be troy. Must be Pat.”