Release: TenHaken Campaign Announces Endorsement From Former Mayor Gary Hanson

TenHaken Campaign Announces Endorsement From Former Mayor Gary Hanson

SIOUX FALLS, SD — The TenHaken for Mayor campaign announced today an endorsement from Gary Hanson, who served eight years as mayor of the City of Sioux Falls and seven years as Commissioner of the city’s utilities.

The endorsement comes in the weeks leading up to the runoff election on May 1.

“I am thrilled to have a person of Paul’s high standards running for mayor,” said Hanson. “Sioux Falls continues to grow rapidly and we are certain to face future growing pains. We need a person with forward-thinking ideas and multi-layered business experience to properly run the city and give our families the best opportunity for the safest and highest possible quality-of-life. I believe that person is Paul TenHaken.”

Hanson stated he is very impressed with TenHaken; “Paul has a good heart. He truly cares about making Sioux Falls a better place to live for everyone.”

“Gary was a tremendous public servant for Sioux Falls and remains one for our state,” said Paul TenHaken. “He’s served as a strong sounding board for me during this campaign and I know our strong relationship will continue into City Hall.”

Gary Hanson served in the office of mayor from 1994 to 2002 and Sioux Falls’ Commissioner of Utilities from 1988 to 1994; a period of exceptional growth. During his service Gary was instrumental in the establishment of the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System, the city’s violent crime rate decreased by 31.4%, Falls Park was completely transformed, downtown was revitalized, the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science and a new convention center were built, Sioux Falls’ Baseball Stadium was rebuilt, the acreage of parks increased by 32%, and portions of property taxes were actually returned to the citizens. He currently serves as a South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner.


6 Replies to “Release: TenHaken Campaign Announces Endorsement From Former Mayor Gary Hanson”

  1. Lincoln County Delegate

    This is a HUGE deal for Paul. I can’t remember the last time I saw Gary Hanson endorse someone in City politics.

      1. Anonymous

        Nelson will have served as long on PUC as he did in the sos office next year. It’s really time to enact term limits to the PUC.

        TenHaken will win. Good endorsement. Gary is a good guy.

    1. "Very Stable Genius"

      Actually, he endorsed Pat Starr’s opponent in 2016 in the NE District of Sioux Falls and she lost to Pat.

      Don’t forget, Gary was also the mayor who wrote a letter to the Catholic Bishop in Sioux Falls, as mayor, recommending that the local diocese not open a spanish speaking parish at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Sioux Falls. At the time, Gary thought such a parish would divide Sioux Falls. Well, twenty years later such a parish has not divided us, but politicians who do not embrace cultures will and do as event by many of Trumps “mulligans” and by local politicians like Ten Haken, who have the audacity to give Trump a “B” as president when asked to grade Trump’s performance at a recent Sioux Falls mayoral forum….

      1. KM

        More disappointment, Genius, not willing to debate me questioning your religious intolerance?

        Oh, and, do you have a quote from Gary about the parish dividing us, I can’t seem to find one. Is Gary running for mayor again? Could we write him in? Be an independent thinker, freedom is an exhilarating feeling and I know you’re all about feelings.

  2. Troy Jones


    I am glad the Mayor sent the letter for consideration by Bishop Dudley. Input from all (Catholic & non-Catholic) is welcome. At the same time, I think Bishop Dudley made a wise decision as Our Lady is a wonderful addition to our community.


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