Remembering Governor Janklow

This is a great video of former Governor Bill Janklow.

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  1. troy jones


    Thanks for posting this. It is a summary of how to be a successful political leader more than it is a eulogy to Governor Janklow (which is what I expected).

    What struck me is the consistency of everything he said. Not the stands, not the manner. But how he spoke.

    Leaders must first communicate the essence of the challenge/problem/opportunity. He did this.

    Leaders must present to the people they have a command of the challenge/problem/opportunity and present a solution with confidence. He did this.

    Leaders must demonstrate willingness to take on followers, without regard if you were followers in the past. Everyone is welcome. He did this.

    And finally, he made it clear he was going to move/do something. Get on board or give him your best shot. The train was about to leave the station.

    Bill Janklow wasn’t perfect in anything. None of us are. He was darn good in a lot of things which few of us are. And, he IS a great leader from which we will learn and move forward in ways we don’t recognize come from Bill Janklow.

    If I may, I’d like to add a personal touch as in my heart in transcends his public life. We had many personal exchanges. Some some jovial, some intimate, some heated. But two stand out today.

    One where he had the occassion to be with me and a girlfriend and another where at the core was his son. And from them what I value most about Bill Janklow is he cares deeply. And, that care/love doesn’t stop with his death. It makes it more perfect.

    God Bless Bill Janklow.


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