Rep. Deutsch in for ….State Senate

Here’s some hot news for you political junkies.

At a Cracker Barrel this morning, Republican State Representative Fred Deutsch announced that he is not going to be running for State House of Representatives.

He is however, going to throw his hat in the ring for the office of State Senate for his district, with that office being vacated by Democrat State Senator Jim Peterson.

Stay tuned. The wild ride is getting more fun!

12 Replies to “Rep. Deutsch in for ….State Senate”

    1. Anonymous

      Rep and future state Senator Fred Deutsch is a very hard working and sincere legislator. He really cares about everyone and I mean everyone on all sides of the issue when he has sponsored bills.

  1. Anonymous

    How is this a thing? There’s no real difference between the two chambers. Both serve only two years. Both serve the same people. It’s like it’s a unicameral in two rooms. I guess the only difference is that he doesn’t have to run against a republican in the general like the house members do.

  2. Anonymous

    Time to send Rep Deutsch and Rep Wiik some money for reelection. Do we really want Kathy Tyler to come back? urgh no!