Rep. Glanzer tests positive for Covid-19

From SDPB, State Representative Bob Glanzer has tested positive for COVID-19:

Glanzer says he’s unsure how he came into contact with the coronavirus. He says notified house leadership he tested positive.

Glanzer represents Beadle and Kingsbury Counties. The 74-year-old has held the seat since 2017.

Read the entire story here.

Wow….  given the incubation period, who knows who else was affected..  Not to mention pulling off veto day might be a little more complicated.

8 Replies to “Rep. Glanzer tests positive for Covid-19”

  1. Libertarian Christian

    I believe Five Eyes intel agents have been deliberately infecting specific individuals with COVID-19, including Tom Hanks, Rudy Gobert, and Rand Paul.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out they deliberately infected a prominent Christian legislator in John Thune’s home state.

        1. grudznick

          Unfortunate. Except for our minor disagreements about the Five Gs, Mr. Dale and grudznick are good friends.