Rep. Nick Moser wusses out

You sure look uncomfortable on that fence Nick…

I haven’t seen political posturing in South Dakota like this since Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s failed 2010 reelection campaign.

Because of his vote on Governor Daugaard’s education proposal, Representative Nick Moser has decided, if Herseth Sandlin isn’t occupying the fence these days he would like to give it a test ride.

Rep. Nick Moser voted for HB 1234 but went to great lengths Saturday to describe his reservations about it.

?I did vote to send it across to the Senate,? he said. ?I was on the fence all the way through, and frankly, I still am on the fence.?

Moser did not set a shining example of legislative courage with his statement. I can’t stand the fence card. There are tough votes for everyone in Pierre, but once you vote – you own it. At the very least back it up. You don’t make anyone happy by waffling.

My advice to legislators is: do not cast votes you have serious reservations about. We can always come back to the drawing board and find ways to increase test scores that have a broad consensus.

Rep. Steve Hickey makes a great case on his blog for the State Senate to read.

Even so, if I had to vote today on the bill in it’s final form I’d vote no. Why? Because this conversation can’t happen in 33 days and the education community needs to be in the mix at the onset (in the same way the medicaid providers were in the middle of the Medicaid Task Force last year). The Governor is spot on when it comes to the priority of education reform and his plans are bold, innovative and very much pointed in the right direction.

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  1. Moser's hair

    Not only is Moser a wuss on this he also wussed out when he and Stace Nelson had their “confrontation.”

    1. Disgusted

      What kind of dishonest person allows himself to be used to malign another legislator. The information is spreading across the state that Moser allowed Lust and Rausch to lie to the house caucus and the press about Nelson.

      What is real scary is that Moser is a youth minister! What happened to “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” Nick?

      Shame on him and shame on Lust and Rausch!

  2. Anonymous

    Hickey made a reasonable case and I suppose the Governor’s office will double down on this policy and force other Republican legislators who have reservations to vote for this bill. It’s going to get contentious. Daugaard should pull the bill to save face and bring an improved bill next year. I love Daugaard but not this bill.

  3. caheidelberger

    Wait: by your logic about fence-sitting, doesn’t Rep. Hickey offer exactly the same “wuss-out”, voting for the bill in the House, now trying to see he doesn’t support the bill?

    1. Anonymous

      Hickey made a mistake and flat out said so. He doesn’t disagree with the bill and maybe he doesn’t say he made a mistake but at least he didn’t say I’m on the fence. Hickey would vote NO!

      1. caheidelberger

        But that “mistake” message remains unclear. The good Rep/Rev does not declare his vote a mistake. He seems comfortable with voting for bad legislation in hopes that the other chamber will fix it.

  4. grudznick

    I saw you on TV today Mr. Heidelberger. You are becoming famous. You seemed to be ranting and foaming because you are so enraged by this 1234 counting bill, but maybe the whole thing was a plan to enrage and distract you from more cuts.

    1. caheidelberger

      I wanted to do a joint appearance with Bill Clay, but he was too big of a wuss to show his face on camera.

      Monsieur Heidelberger: I’ve been on KELO before and always had an enjoyable experience. Very nice people. I’m glad you had your moment. BC

      1. Troy Jones

        Sign your name coward.

        By the way, I did not make that comment about Rep. Moser. We have never met. Another of your friends is doing what your ilk loves to do: make character attacks.

        1. Troy Jones Auto Response

          Lighten up Troy. 🙂 Twas a little joke in your direction, not an assult on your character.

          1. Troy Jones

            OK. I will take your comment in the Spirit intended but not disgusted. He is a low life coward. Someday I will let the world know his identity.

            1. Same Guy Here

              Fair enough. I don’t know who “Disgusted” is, nor do I care, though by your reaction I presume it is Stace Nelson. But do you really want to stoop to IP address ratting? To me, it is just a bit low. This is the internet, the wild west so to speak. People verbally vaporize others without any thought to what they are doing. And where does it get anyone? I just wanted to yank your chain a bit; you seem like a nice guy, and are certainly knowledgeable. But that doesn’t mean people can’t joke around. Its part of being in a small community like this.

    1. John

      Troy maybe you could teach Nick how to offer an ammendment to a Bill!

      Nick was being gutless when he made his fence sitting comments- sucking up to a room full of educators. The sad thing is teachers will keep voting for the R’s and wonder why they keep getting kicked in the mouth!

  5. the new way

    Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these. (George Washington Carver)

  6. asking for the truth.........

    Speak with honesty;
    Think with sincerity;
    Act with integrity.

    Why is the truth so hard to tell with the above items?????

  7. Anonymous

    What this says is exactly the fact that Republicans will be afraid to support this bill in the 2012 elections.

    We will lose if Moser’s line becomes standard fair for my wonderful friends.

    Moser’s in a bind and the Senate needs to bail him out.

  8. A-nono-mouse

    3% of the voting public read this blog. Don’t ever think this conversation matters; except for the few blog-heads who love seeing their name printed online.

      1. Mr. Thompson

        More importantly say no one read blogs accept political junkies. Don’t you think people read newspapers that print stupid comments by Nick Moser? How many read that? How many attend cracker barrels? How many go to sporting events and talk about the current discussion of education?

        More than you would think.

      2. Anonymous

        Try less than half that. Starting a conversation with “I read on war college” ranks up there with “I read in the National Enquirer”

  9. Les

    It appears the likes of Reps Hickey, Moser and others aren’t willing to put up much of a fuss after the Stace Nelson knock down.

    Fear wins.

  10. Pierre Man

    This is exactly why we should not be voting for this bill. Moser is a goof ball who is making a joke of his district and himself as an individual and Hickey has shown when push comes to shove he can get pushed into passing bad legislation.

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve heard some of Daugaard’s top officials are worried they dont’ have the votes. It’s going to get close…