Rep. Russell Letter to Secretary of Ed Melody Schopp

My friend and State Representative Lance Russell has a reputation for not mincing many words when he gets his mind set to something.

And it would appear that continues to be the case as Representative Russell pens a letter to Dr. Melody Schopp, Secretary of the State Department of Education, as he asks her to step down from her position.


Lance concedes that he has no authority to make the request, but his “conscience and duties to the citizens dictate” that he make the request.

In a conversation this morning, I did point to Lance that Democrats seem to be supporting and cheering him on, but Lance wryly pointed out their fair weather friendliness as “they evaporate when he’s right on a lot of other issues.”

7 Replies to “Rep. Russell Letter to Secretary of Ed Melody Schopp”

  1. Anonymous

    I think Lance is right, she is responsible for oversight and accountability. As the department head she should have been more involved but she wasn’t. She needs to resign.

  2. Anonymous

    This problem of accountability in SD government is not unusual.

    The SD Board of Regents should be the next outhouse to be sanitized with light of Truth.

  3. Jason Sebern

    I give credit to Rep. Russell. He is standing up to the Republican establishment and calling for accountability at the highest level.

  4. Porter Lansing

    Submitting a waiver request to divert scholarship money away from actual scholarships and spend it on inflated administrative costs, instead? Highly unethical. These kids worked during summer to get ready for college but the cupboard was bare because the money was spent by the white people first.


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