Republican Atty Generals campaign against fascist cancel culture in new video

As the liberal left tries to erase history, the Republican Attorney Generals are bringing attention to “cancel culture” in a new YouTube Video:

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  1. Anonymous

    More partisan junk food. RAGA has some serious house cleaning to do and tries to distract with this pandering mess.

  2. Matthew Ristau

    Hitting the big issues, I see. What happened, PP? You were always a reliable source of info and political gossip, and a welcome check against the far right wack-a-doodles. This issue is a straw man built on top of a haystack, yet you flog it to death. Nothing about Russian bounties or surging covid cases, and I won’t hold my breath. Trumpism has claimed my former favorite S.D. political blog.

  3. Anon

    Interestingly, it’s not uncommon for Confederate flags to show up in the crowds waving Trump banners and wearing MAGA hats. How is that Civil War secession thing something to be proud of? It doesn’t need to be erased, it just needs to be relegated to the past, where it belongs, like the era before women’s suffrage. The statues can be moved to museums.

  4. John Dale

    “Tear down public displays of history” is not a policy, platform, or legal proposal.

    It is childish bullying.

    Eventually, the bully runs into someone who puts her lights out. In a nutshell, that is Trump, who has helped get the tentacles off our necks.

    “Trumpism” has come to mean “accurate assessment of the issues in the frame of the US Constitution and its codified values”.

    Don’t like it?


    TRUMP 2020


    1. Caleb

      John, because I thought you a deeper thinker, I’m disappointed you have such a narrow view here. Do you really believe folks push for tearing down public displays of history, or do you recognize complaints against public displays are more specific? You have your own idea of “Trumpism”, while some of us just as entitled to living in the US (because we were born here, as were our parents and their parents) recognize Trump for the celebrity vacuous figurehead he is. I’m down with you fighting for the Constitution, but think you stumble if you believe Trump really stands up for it.

    1. I Love Rule of Law

      Are they in line with Republicans for the Rule of Law? If so, then I’m ok with them.

    2. Matthew Ristau

      Nope. Merely pointing out there are a lot of real issues and this whole “protecting Mt. Rushmore” kick we’re on is distracting and unnecessary. I don’t support mobs tearing down statues. Half that video is about Lincoln and Roosevelt statues that people are asking to replace because of their depictions of minorities as subservient. I believe the plan for the TR statue is to replaced with one featuring just him. Not to “erase history,” as implied by the dramatic title of the video. (TR is my favorite President, by the way)
      What really bothers me is this ginned up controversy regarding Rushmore where our governor responded to a rhetorical question from a far right troll and now Rep. Johnson proposes legislation to solve a problem that exists only in people’s minds. There are far more important things to deal with right now, I’d say.

    3. Anonymous

      RAGA can’t even be bothered with defending the rule of law. Qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture have been abused for decades, people are finally calling out these abuses of the legal system, and instead of dealing with it RAGA would rather waste everyone’s time with a boogeyman rather than clean house.

  5. Caleb

    The claim of “the liberal left tries to erase history” repeatedly came to mind today. I find it hard to swallow for a couple reasons:

    1) most liberals don’t even lean left, much as you and they may believe
    2) acknowledging certain parts of history (which the right so rarely seems to acknowledge, let alone reconcile with their stated views) is what has prompted much statue removal and similar behavior – listening to historian Nick Estes on the Intercepted podcast can provide some insight there:


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