20 thoughts on “Republican Candidate for Congress Dusty Johnson talks about his position on abortion – As your Congressman, he will fight for life.”

  1. the key word being ‘never’, meaning Dusty believes the 40+ year precedent of the Hyde Amendment is insufficient. which is a fair personal opinion to hold, but how is that different than the government using the taxes of a taxpayer who is a pacifist because he believes in the sanctity of life to fund the armed forces?

    1. Dusty is a faux conservative. Hiding behind the pro-life wool is a tax and spend globalist who cares more about the agenda of the Deep State, than he does the people of South Dakota. That was proven when he supported TransCanada while on the PUC, his appointment by Daugaard as a Toll Fellow with the Council of State Governments, and his support of changing Mitchell’s City government away from a representative form of government by adding a City Manager.

      1. Steve, are you for Tim Bjorkman the other Pro-life candidate? He has been to Mitchell a few times during his campaign other than serving as a Circuit Judge.

          1. Really? Would you please rank your choices and why? Curious to see your insight on this.

            1. Dusty for the above reasons is my last choice. My top choice is Tapio if he gets in. If not, then I will have to settle with Krebs. If Dusty wins the primary, then I may have to leave that line on the ballot blank. I will not vote for him. I don’t vote Republican just because they have an “R” on their party status box.

              1. Would you actually call yourself a Republican? Or are you apart of the Hubble gang with your terribly laughable conspiracy theories? Just curious –

      2. “The deep state.” Make vague accusations and say you win. Here, lemme try: Steve Sibson is treasurer of the NWO. You can’t trust Steve Sibson.

        I win, right?

  2. I am sorry for your loss and I truly mean that, but frankly Roe v. Wade doesn’t legalize abortions during the second trimester….

    No one, absolutely no one that I have ever met is for abortion, but a government that can stop abortions is a government that can demand abortions….. I give communist China and a Taliban Afghanistan as examples of this reality.

    There is a reason that the great conservative Barry Goldwater voted against a Constitutional amendment in 1983 to ban abortions; and it wasn’t because he believed in abortions, but because he understand that a woman’s body was her’s and not the government’s…. And lets not forget that his own wife was one of the founders of Planned Parenthood in Arizona – an organization which is often attacked by the pro life crowd – because she believed in women’s health issues as well and the libertarian right to one’s body.

    And let us remember, that when we talk of life as a political issue, how can we claim to be “pro-life,” if we support a Darwinistic approach to health care or give carte blanche to the continual war as well?

    1. Genius – How do you know what Peggy Goldwater believed, do you have quoted “the libertarian right to one’s body”? What about the developing baby, do they get a right to their own body?

      When PP of Central and Northern AZ opened, it was1937 and they were called – Mother’s Health Clinic of Phoenix. Their outreach did not begin with abortion promotion and Peggy was not the only person involved with the clinics founding. Peggy was focused on providing information for women about birth control and prenatal care. Make sure to be thorough with your research. As I understand Barry’s vote against banning abortions because of the flip side, don’t try to paint these two great Americans as abortion activists.

      Conservatives are pro-life. If someone is telling you conservatism and the murder of babies can go hand-in-hand they are lying to you, and you’d be a fool to believe them. Do you think, as a man, you have any right to be discussing abortion? You know, many feminist men and women do not think you should be. According to many leftists, even a father does not get to have a say in if their child should live or die.

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