Republican getting into the race for Sioux Falls mayor in next couple of weeks

My spies are telling me that within the next two weeks there will be an announcement made of an unexpected but very serious Republican contender jumping into the race for Sioux Falls Mayor.

This candidate would join the current Republicans in the contest, State Representative Greg Jamison and City Councilman Jim Entenmann.

Stay tuned.

11 Replies to “Republican getting into the race for Sioux Falls mayor in next couple of weeks”

  1. Minnehaha County Observer

    I can think of one person specifically that has made some moves that would indicate a run. That individual would make it a very interesting race.

  2. Anon

    Does Huether’s handpicked successor really county as a Republican?

    I’ve heard the similar news about the new candidate and he/she should make for an exciting race!

    1. Anon

      There are going to be like 10 candidates and 2 of them are Republicans, I think we’ll be alright

  3. Anonymous

    There should be partisan election all this non partisan stuff doesn’t work is exemplified by city elections.

    1. Common Sense

      Yeah, because being partisan has been working so great lately!
      We have Dems and Repubs so far left or right that they cannot even agree on what color the sky is.
      When things go wrong we automatically point the finger at the other side. When things go right we fight over whose idea it was in the first place.
      We are all in this together!