Republicans for Sutton had presser today. And Pressler.

Billie Sutton had one of his weakest pressers of the campaign this afternoon announcing “Republicans for Sutton.”

After previously endorsing Obama & Hillary for president, and taking part in ‘crowning’ Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Larry Pressler came back to town to read off of a script and to try to gain attention and spoke about endorsing Billie Sutton….  after he and his wife donated $1500 to Kristi Noem for Governor earlier this year.

(Larry does remember it’s South Dakota he’s in, doesn’t he? )

3 Replies to “Republicans for Sutton had presser today. And Pressler.”

  1. Anonymous

    His little army of RINOs doesn’t stand up to Kristi’s slam dunk tonight on PBS. Wow! She made the other two look like 3rd graders!

  2. Anonymous

    Pressler is trying to still be relevant. I’ve also heard first hand that Billie has been working NUMEROUS R’s hard and being told no. Can’t blame a guy for tryin’, I guess. Only the weak would bend and we already knew from the 2014 Senate race that Pressler was one of the weak… Sad, my family used to admire him so much. Well until we heard his mother was in a nursing home and he never visited. And no, this many years later, I don’t have proof but back then, not many lied…


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