Republicans: In case you need campaign materials for 2016….

2016_catalog_final_Page_01For my Republican candidate friends, guess what you’re going to see in your mailbox soon?

Last night, I put the finishing touches on my 2016 campaign material catalog for one of my businesses,, and placed my order in preparation to hawk my wares in the upcoming campaign season.

When it comes to campaign materials, I’ve always been trying to figure out ways to do things on the cheap.  I’d figured out a stencil system for 4×8 sheets of plywood, and I’ve made door hangers with cardstock, a Hewlett Packard 4p printer and an exacto knife. And trust me, after spending time trying to do it cheaply, I figured out that it’s not much more in terms of cost to do it professionally, and it might be cheaper when you factor in your time & materials.

So, Back in June of 2010, I started to deliver high quality campaign products for South Dakota Republican and non-partisan political candidates, and I haven’t looked back since.

In doing so, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that since I’m a small shop, I’m able to deliver campaign products that are competitive if not cheaper than anyone else out there when comparing apples to apples. On the rare occasion when they are cheaper on items such as postcards, they’re typically doing it by using a lesser quality paper stock, or not UV coating it, which keeps them looking nice through the rigors of bulk mail. (Yes, there is a difference between 8pt uncoated and 14pt UV coated stock, despite what one candidate tried to tell me, and the cards looked like it.)

When you use, for your campaign, you’re getting an experienced turn-key solution for targeting your message with some of the highest quality campaign materials on the South Dakota market. You’re also getting the benefit of 28 years of political experience.

So, Republicans & non-partisan candidates, if you think you need campaign materials for 2016, feel free to give me a call at 605-690-6853, and let’s have a conversation. You won’t be disappointed.