Retelling McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the Mitchell Daily Republic’s blog, “Come Home America.” The blog covers a different part of George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign each week. It is certainly an interesting read and worth your time. Tom Lawrence has a knack for holding my interest.

A pair of South Dakota natives, both liberal Democrats who had been friends for years, found themselves in political combat on this week in 1972.

George McGovern won the Massachusetts Democratic primary on April 25, 1972, but Hubert Humphrey won the Pennsylvania primary on the same day.

McGovern, an Avon native who grew up in Mitchell, was a South Dakota senator while Humphrey, a Wallace native who grew up in Huron, was a Minnesota senator.

Two South Dakota natives, heavyweights in national politics, duking it out for the 1972 presidential nomination. Incredible.

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  1. Anonymous

    McGovern was from Mitchell (but lived in Rhode Island). Well, that explains Mike Vehle getting elected.

  2. grudznick

    I remember sitting around the dinner table with my wife and kids, watching the news about those two on the Zenith while Dick Kniep was trying to take us all to hell in a hand basket. I sure reached for a lot of Luckies back then.

  3. Les

    I was not a fan of HHH until meeting him over a cup of coffee in 1973. Sen Humphrey sat with us, the engineering crew in the cafeteria of KSTP-tv while the directors, chiefs and anchors waited their turn. He fit like an old glove and left this world much to soon.

  4. Troy Jones

    I have a friend in MPLS who was raised in a DFL house (since become a Republican) whose dad had HHH to their home when he was a teenager. His take on HHH:

    1). Simple. Didn’t berate anyone and didn’t buy into his dad’s “Republicans are bad” but was firm the government can do more.

    2). Quiet. He remembered his dad’s loud bluster and HHH being so quiet he was hard to hear.

    Despite political differences, there is with the exception of Janklow and Abouresk been a very similar demeanor between HHH, McGovern, Mickelson, JohnsonAbdnor, Thune et. al.


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