Rich guys send out letter that they need money for Amendment V. We’ll get right on that one.

The Yes on Amendment V forces are trying to hide the fact that they’ve taken ridiculous amounts of money from out of state to promote this awful measure, and have sent out an appeal to raise money from South Dakotans.

And they have a couple of rich guys making the pitch.

I’m not sure where to start on this thing. Rich guys Joe Kirby from Sioux Falls, and Stan Adelstein of Rapid City start out the letter by stating “if you are a principled Republican like us…”  Which seems a bit ironic.  I can’t speak to Mr. Kirby’s background, but principled isn’t a word I’d use in the other case. Stan Adelstein has tried to buy more races than a gambling addict at the race track, with a pile of that money going towards Democrats.

Regardless, in case you did want to read it, here’s the letter where rich guys need money. In case you’ve thrown it out already.


24 Replies to “Rich guys send out letter that they need money for Amendment V. We’ll get right on that one.”

  1. Level Headed Thinker

    A Silver Spoon, a disc jockey and the maitre d’ walk into a bar ….
    You fill in the rest …

  2. Anonymous

    Between Donald Trump, Joe Kirby, and Stan Adelstein all asking me for money this election season, if the rich guys are that bad off they have to ask me for help, I’m going to keep my money while I still have it!

  3. Wazzzuupp

    Kudos to Kirby and Adelstein. Republicans would be smart to embrace V — it isn’t going to make a huge difference in terms of numbers in the legislature but it will give Republican governors a more sane group of folks to work with instead of the sometimes extremist wackjob fringe people that are too often elected.

    1. Dave R

      So, you admit that this is really about perverting election outcomes to favor people you prefer.

      1. Anonymous

        Absolutely. The federal dollars spent in South Dakota have made state residents lazy, soft and unable to perform the basic work requirements of dairies and slaughterhouses. Dave is right: the Democrat Party has hurt South Dakota by bringing pork to the state.

          1. enquirer

            interesting that democrats did everything to pin eb5 on rounds EXCEPT prosecute on charges. all that tells me is that any prosecution leads to DEMOCRATS. what if we found that ol’ joop put a big chunk of loot right in the old clinton foundation??? ha. there’s a notion for you.

  4. Anonymous

    Amendment V will deprive voters of information voting. I don’t automatically vote for someone or against someone because of their registration. Knowing if someone is a republican or democrat helps inform me of what their general approach to governing will be. I don’t like how V would make finding out about candidates more difficult.

    1. Anonymous

      Absolutely. Mike Rounds should denounce Adelstein and give back those campaign contributions for abandoning Republican principles in this shameless display.

        1. Anonymous

          Sad that Dave R had turned into such an establishment apologist. The only Republicans he doesn’t defend? Are conservatives.

          1. Dave R

            Okay, so…. you are saying Adelstein is a conservative? Or Amendment V?

            I can’t read minds, and I am asking for clarification of the above comment. Who abandoned what principles, and which display is shameless?