Richard Mounce for House joins Advertising Row at the SDWC

gun 336 x 280District 30 State House Candidate Richard Mounce joined Roger Solum in placing an ad at SDWC to encourage people to visit his website for his State House Race.

Please click on the link on the right hand side of the page, and take a look around.

And if it needs to be mentioned, I’d encourage you to visit our long list of advertisers, and check out their websites, such as United States Senator John Thune, Americans for Prosperity SD Chapter, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, the fine barristers at Redstone Law Firm, as well as my own Dakota Campaign Store, one of the State’s largest suppliers of campaign materials.

And if you might be interested, we do have other advertising spots available. Drop a note to the webmaster for more information!

(And we still have a new advertiser coming in June!)


7 thoughts on “Richard Mounce for House joins Advertising Row at the SDWC”

  1. Mr. Mounce needs bigger signs there by the Old MacDonalds Farm. He has an overgodding competitor with giant bill boards looming over his little fence signs. Mr. PP you need to help him make bigger signs.

  2. Mounce is by far the best candidate in D – 30 . Christian Conservative , pro 2nd Am. , well grounded conservative who deals in facts . Not a bomb thrower . The rest just regurgitate Lances half truths & out right misinformation or are 1 issue candidates . They will be just vote no people with no solutions just like him .

  3. Mounce is another Oregon liberal trying to spend his way to a seat by cloaking his real agenda. Hope the voters sniff him out and reject his $50,000 plus campaign of deceit.

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