Rick Perry ad – Romney's remedy

This is a pretty hard hitting ad. And I thought it was really well made. Does this kind of ad work?

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  1. J Rae

    It’ll hurt Romney, just don’t think it will help Perry. Of course Romney is keeping the spat going by reminding people that Perry worked to get Al Gore elected.

    I think these are more entertaining than informative.

    So are you thinking it’s a good idea for the party primary process to go negative this early? Who’ll be the first to play the affirmative action card with Cain? Will anyone pay attention to Paul? Could we see a Santorum or Gingrich rise from the ashes left behind in an extremely negative campaign?

    In the end, will it all help to defeat the President or just further fragment the party?

  2. duggersd

    The ad is a good ad, but it has yet to give me a reason to pull the lever for Perry. I would really like to have a reason to vote for someone rather than a reason to not vote for another person. Of the group, Romney is my least favorite, but at least he has a policy statement on what he SAYS he will do. So does Cain. Perry needs to if he has any hope of getting back me mo he had when he first jumped in.

  3. Spencer

    Of the three, Romney, Perry, and Cain, I disagree the most with Romney’s past political positions. But, he also had to run in Massachusetts and not Texas or Georgia. Perry looked good until his debate performances and his slow responses to various issues. All three have their problems: Romney and his past political involvement, Perry and his campaigning, and Cain with his 9-9-9 and random statements. 9-9-9 would be a great issue to debate on, but I don’t think Cain realizes that Obama has no intention of releasing his plan for anything. Why release a plan when you can just run against the other guy’s idea? Bottom line, I am still open to any of the three, but Perry and Cain need to get it together before Iowa, or it is going to be Romney for the nomination. And, we will just have to hope that he is good on his word.

    1. anon

      Cain released the plan because he was no where near being a frontrunner or even really having a shot. He released it to get traction. It’s doing that and sparking the debate. It’s better to be a part of the debate than not even thought of… Rick Santorum?

  4. sdpride

    Perry has no chance. Neither does Cain. They are both flavor of the month types that will fade much like Bachmann.

  5. William

    I don’t care how slick a candidate’s ads are, until a candidate demonstrates they can coherently articulate a policy position, they lack any credibility.

    The ad may hurt Romney but it won’t help Perry unless, and until he proves he can personally deliver a message.

  6. The Truth

    Good ad.
    I’m still a Romney fan. Not because I agree with all of his policies or every decision as governor. A lot of GOPers would side with me on that. But, he appears to be the most electable in a general election. To me, being practical (and winning) is more important than being absolute (and losing).

  7. CaveMan

    What made it work here in SD? Yeah we get it Cory–stupid stuff– like cutting budgets and asking SITTING SECRETARYS to find 10% in their offices for deletion from current expenditures. But you really don’t get it do you? You believe that every government is the supreme catylyst for economic growth and the larger the government the better we will be. Cory you are going to be left in the deep well of dark matter surrounding and in the lagoons of a large pig farm. Liberalism stinks and Government is always poised for growth. You are a member of the socialist agenda of past and long gone days. How did the $800BILLION stimulus work for job growth? How many jobs did Obama’s clueless plan incorporate into America’s long term growth? Where did the Czar program originate? Who ends up paying for feeding, health care, and SS for Illegal Immigrants? Hell man who ends up paying for the friggin Health Care called ObamaCare by anyone with half a brain?

    You want to go personal dude?

    GAME ON!!!!!!


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