Rick Perry does Top 10 list on Letterman

10. Actually, there were three reasons I messed up last night: 1) was the nerves and 2) was the headache and 3) um?uh?oops.

9. I don?t know what you?re talking about ? I think things went well.

8. I was up late last night watching ?Dancing With the Stars.?

7. I thought the debate was tonight.

6. You try concentrating with Mitt Romney smiling at you.  That is one handsome dude!

5. Uh, El Nino?      

4. I had a five-hour energy drink six hours before the debate.

3. I really hoped it would get me on my favorite talk show, but instead, I ended up here.

2. I wanted to help take the heat off my buddy Herman Cain.

1. I just learned Justin Bieber is my father.

Perry was played on and off stage to Meat Loaf’s “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.”

8 Replies to “Rick Perry does Top 10 list on Letterman”

  1. CaveMan

    Funny stuff for sure but America is really tired of smooth intern loving and smoother yet teleprompter reading presidents. History will be made next November and it will dictate the course this country takes for the next eight years. It ain’t the economy anymore it’s the national debt dummy.

    One can get away with this after becoming Prez but during the most important debates a country gets to watch maybe not.

  2. Troy Jones

    Showed to me he has a sense of humor and is humble enough to admit he is human. This will numb the effects of the fiasco.

    1. veldy

      I agree-whether or not he’s able to recover some standing with his “ground game”(which is how he was elected Gov) remains to be seen, something more of a long shot I would guess.


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