Ried Holien to run for GOP National Committeeman

I had a nice note this AM from outgoing State Senator Ried Holien who has decided to throw his hat in the ring for South Dakota Republican Party National Committeeman:

I wanted to let you know that I will be running to be the next National Committeeman representing South Dakota at the RNC. Dana Randall is not seeking another term, and I had many people call and urge me to go for the position.

After much thought, I decided to run. I stepped away from my State Senator position mainly because it demanded I lived in Pierre for several months in a row. That was not working with my young family. This new job, if I’m fortunate enough to get it, does have some travel, but not for the solid block of time. I could handle that. Plus, I am still very interested in politics, and I love the Republican Party and wanted to continue to serve in some capacity. Being National Committeeman would allow me to stay active and hopefully build a stronger GOP both in South Dakota and nationally.

At this time I do not know of anyone else running for the position. Thanks for being such a great source on South Dakota politics.

9 Replies to “Ried Holien to run for GOP National Committeeman”

  1. anon

    Really good guy. He’s got the energy, brains and positions to fill the role. He should be strong with delegates across SD with his conservative legislative connections.

  2. Long Time Delegate

    Happy day! I can’t think of a better option to carry conservative principles to the RNC.

    Go Ried! See you at convention!

  3. Anonymous

    Glad to hear the news! Best wishes to Ried! I love that he put his family first in making some tough decisions of late.

  4. Troy Jones

    What a great way for a good thinker to stay engaged and continue to contribute. I was sad he felt he had to leave the Legislature. Kids don’t stay young forever.

    1. Former SF Voter

      I agree with you Troy. Really good idea to have him serve the grass roots of the GOP. He has really become a leader in the past 2 years.