RNC Ad – The more context you get, the worse it sounds

As someone who has worked 2 and 3 jobs all his life, I believe in entrepreneurs, and that with hard work and the right idea, you might just be able to be financially independent. That’s why the Obama statement on “someone else building it” is just offensive.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yep your right excepth the guy it sounds might have gotten a loan.Shame shame if this is true.Something like our republican senator and congress woman to open up CRP.I thought we paid people to leave acres idle, Are they going to pay the money back.Farm subsidies and our republican senator and congress woman support these .Fiscally definietely not.But I want a balanced budget dont touch my program though.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Well, he’s saying the exact same thing this guy is saying:

    Now, PP fess up… you know you didn’t build this blog, right?

    Grudznick and Duh did! LOL.

  3. Dagny

    All those cheering in the background must work for Rearden Metal… as they are all touting social contract theory in their jeers. I hope this is played again and again… how can you vote for this guy again?

    Oh, and it’s official, DWC is back on my Google Reader.

  4. Job Creator

    Pat, what’s even more offensive is the moronic idea that any successful business got there without any assistance from the government. That’s what FOX would have you believe, but let me tell you, I am thankful for:

    The government court system that protects the sanctity of contracts between legal entities.

    The military that defends US businesses’ interests abroad.

    The highway system that the Taxpayers built through the government so I can get my companies’ goods transported. Most of the money spent to build those highways was supplied by people I don’t know and never will know. I have never built a highway or bridge. Have you? I didn’t build that highway or bridge. Did you?

    I am so incredibly grateful for the Taxpayers’ investments in technology through the sciences and space program. The Internet has been a means for several of my businesses to really make a big difference in my customers’ lives and especially in my life and my employees’ lives. The Internet and the customers it has brought us has given us a tremendous living.

    Look, I could go on and on and on. The issue here is that you are pushing an empty contextual argument. I don’t expect more of that from you – you are partisan. But to purposely mislead the sheeples… that is shameful.

    I am rooting for a Romney victory – and a Republican Senate and House majority. Either they will save the country or finally commit political suicide and we won’t have to listen to their BS for another 40 years. Either way, America wins!

  5. duggersd

    JC, nobody can deny there is government help. But this guy is trying to tell us that government is the main reason for success. Bill would have us believe Romney is on the same page as Obama. Perhaps he missed it in his link. Romney recognizes that government does play a role. The difference is Romney believes the individual is responsible for making that business thrive or for that matter, fail. President Obama has expressed his disdain for the small business person. He believes they should be taxed at an even higher rate than they are already being taxed because they OWE it to the nation. President Obama has it backwards.

    1. Job Creator

      When the hoopla hit over the President’s gaff, I listened to his entire speech to get the context so I didn’t have to rely on someone else’s skewed interpretation. I did not get the understanding that the President thought the government was the main reason for success.

      I have a good friend – an old fraternity brother – in Utah who is in the specialty wood products business. His business is really successful. He has worked long hours for years and is proud of his accomplishments as a self-made success. He hates the government and wants to get rid of it.

      90% of his company’s revenues are based on government spending for highway construction – new guard rails, treated fence posts, etc.

      Since he sells his products directly to the contractors who are building the guard rails and fences and using his products for the government-funded projects, he does not consider any of his success is due to government spending (“I sell my products to the contractors, not to the government.”). In his mind, his hard work and business acumen is 100% responsible for his success. I can’t say that I completely agree with him.

      I think that the government has had a big hand in the success of my businesses, but is not the main reason for the success.

      That is the context in which I took the President’s comments. I know this is impossible for you to agree with, and we will just have to endure a friendly disagreement on this one, but I do respect your perspective.

      1. duggersd

        I guess I only listened to the part where he is talking in context. It is not only what he is saying, but when you hear him, you hear the anger he has and the disdain he has. I guess if you are an Obama supporter, you might see it a different way. If you are an anybody but Obama supporter, you might hear the disdain he has for business owners.
        I am not a major Romney supporter, but I would vote for him over Obama any time. Hell, I would even vote for Elmer Fudd over Obama.

        1. Job Creator

          I’m not an Obama fan. I AM a proponent of good will. There is not much in this little fun house and that is understandable since it is a partisan blog. There is no good will on the leftie sites, either. And that is the current state of affairs in our country’s politics. One of my old, wise mentors used to call it “boneheadedness.” I’m about to agree on a wholesale basis.


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