Rolling it out for his masters.

Laughably, Democrat candidate for State Senate Cory Heidelberger is ignoring the 600-lb gorilla in the room this morning – that the candidate leading his ticket this election year is a last minute, “if no one else will do it” Hail Mary pass:

Sioux Falls Democratic Forum trusts me with their money by sponsoring Dakota Free Press, but they won’t tell me who the candidate is. If you want to know for sure, you’ll need to come to the Sioux Falls VFW on South Minnesota, just north of the I-229 intersection, at noon on Friday for the announcement.

The Senate candidate has clearly followed my advice on waiting until the actual election year to announce.

Laugh at it here.

Is he serious? Not just the SDWC, but Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally (the only worthwhile Dem News Blog) already told readers about what’s coming up. 

Not to mention the fact that Jay Williams is already known as the last chance they had at the seat not being vacant, rumored to having earlier offered to take one for the team.

The word on the street is that Democrats in Pierre are telling people that Jay Williams of Yankton is likely to make an announcement in coming days for U.S. Senate as the party’s candidate for the Senate Seat currently held by Senator John Thune.

I’ve been hearing for months now that Williams, Chairman of the Yankton County Democrat Party, had allegedly been telling Democrat muckety-mucks something to the effect that if they were desperate and couldn’t find a candidate, they could put his name on the ballot.

Read that here.


The South Dakota Democratic Party has been struggling to find someone to run against Thune and his $11 million dollar bankroll. Jay indicated some time ago he would do it if no one else would. It looks like the Democratic Party is down to “no one else”.

Read it here from the dems.

 Apparently, only Cory got the party memo from Ann Tornberg demanding that Williams’ candidacy is to be held until Friday, and he is to be portrayed as a willing candidate, not a last gasp.

14 Replies to “Rolling it out for his masters.”

  1. Agog

    Ann Tornberg is crappiest party chair I’ve seen in 30 years of doing this. To hell with it, I’m moving to Austin beeeaatches.

  2. Anonymous

    Will the Williams announcement include scantily clad women doing a dance routine with a non serious got nothing to lose party atmosphere?

    1. Spencer

      Drinking liberally and strippers are a big part of Ann’s turnout model this year. Those new interns they hired are going to be hitting the minibar early. Pat, when you get back from your vacation, I think you need to document this event for posterity. It’s going to be that sad.

  3. Gillian

    Ann — please, stop this idiotic decision. Some of us legislators actually want to win our seats and if you put up some dunce who will lose by 40 points that means Thune will have a full campaign and drive GOP turnout and hurt us all. Don’t you have any f—-g common sense?

  4. 501

    For sheer ineptitude and ass-hattery, this “roll-out” is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. All these promises by the Democrats to “have a candidate” and then they announce a complete loser? It’s embarrassing.

  5. Anonymous

    Heidelberger’s ego knows no bounds. Probably thinks his authority is higher than anyone left in that poor diminishing party.

    1. Anne Beal

      I see on Facebook that CAH is calling for a boycott of businesses owned by people he disagrees with. Because discrimination against people one disagrees with is okay when he does it, but not okay when somebody else does it.

      1. Anonymous

        [not sure where the problem is…]

        I suggested months ago that the congregants who employ Kory’s wife be informed of his anti-Christian rants, his anti-women views, his racist views, and his general lack of civility.

        One may argue that one’s spouse is not responsible for the other’s racism, women-hate, and bigotry, but that would not be Kory’s view. Hold him to his own standards.

        Pukes should be treated like pukes.

  6. Hipster

    Wait until you see all the stuff that this candidate has done. He shouldn’t be running for dog catcher.