Romney ad uses Santorum's words from 2008

Some campaign ads are just more enjoyable than others. This one in particular is amusing, because it highlights Rick Santorum’s 2008 endorsement of Mitt Romney over John McCain.

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  1. duggersd

    I am waiting for Romney to run the copy from Rush Limbaugh endorsing him in 2008. Of course, if anybody wants to remember, Limbaugh only endorsed him as a last ditch effort to derail McCain. I wonder if the Santorum endorsement was similar?

  2. Anonymous

    I wanna see Santorum and Romney get into those big sumo suits and try to knock each other over. The loser can take on Gingrich who has enough padding to skip the sumo suit. Rush Limbog can be the ring announcer. Callista’s helmet can be the ring bell.

  3. grudznick

    I don’t really care about this blot entry, but weren’t there a plumber’s dozen entries this morning after breakfast, and now there is 3. 4. maybe 5.

    Sibby is deleting things here. Not that they shouldn’t be deleted. Go Sibby. I want a yard sign.

  4. Anonymous

    Mitt Romney’s campaign aid speaks the truth. Romney is the etch-a-sketch candidate. He’ll take whatever positions are required to win the GOP primary then he’ll shake it all off like he never said it and reinvent himself with new positions in the general election. Finally the Romney campaign says what everybody knows, and writes President Obama’s commercials for him.

  5. Troy Jones

    The aide who said this must be fired before Sunday. Period.

    This said for one who currently supports Romney.


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