Romney vs Gingrich: Immigration

Gingrich - Romney

Who’s going to come out on top in the back and forth over immigration between Romney and Gingrich?

Today after Senator Thune endorsed Governor Romney, Romney took a couple of shots at Newt Gingrich’s position.

?I just think we make a mistake as a Republican Party to try to describe which people who?ve come here illegally should be given amnesty to be able to jump ahead of the line of the people who have been waiting in line,? Romney told reporters here. ?My view is that those people who have waited in line patiently to come to this country legally should be ahead in line, and those who?ve come here illegally should not be given a special deal or a special accelerated right to become a permanent resident or citizen.?

Asked whether he considered Gingrich?s immigration position to be ?amnesty,? Romney said he did.

Through this primary, Romney has always been on the side of winning these back and forths with opposing candidates, but I see him losing this one. It is a poor fight for him to choose because it will only highlight one more position change he’s had in recent years, and it’s even farther than Gingrich’s position. Gingrich never said he wanted to give anyone “citizenship,” as Romney does in the video below:

Here was the back and forth during the debate:

I don’t ask for perfection or even that I agree with someone all of the time. What I want is a straight talking candidate capable of advocating for conservative principles.

15 Replies to “Romney vs Gingrich: Immigration”

  1. Anonymous

    Those hog farms, turkey barns, cotton and peanut plantations in Georgia depend on cheap, ignorant, south-of-the-border labor. Gingrich knows who’s buttering his bread.

    1. Anonymous

      Gingrich’s idea would make it so those people didn’t have to hide from the law and be forced to do low wage jobs. Gingrich’s idea would pay workers more because they wouldn’t have to hide.

  2. duggersd

    Personally, I think illegals could self-deport. If we do enforce the laws that penalize employers who knowingly hire illegals, they will see the writing on the wall. I am not saying we can catch all of them, but if every time there is a discrepancy on the SS card and it is investigated those who should not be here will be gone. Whether they have been here two days or 25 years should not matter.

  3. Rapid City

    Gingrich’s position is maybe not exactly what I would advocate but I would also like to just not have this problem. Romney’s “current” position is exactly wrong and I am inclined to think Gingrich is right in the rational ground.

    I would like to see him debate Obama. He would clobber them.

    Gingrich/Rubio 2012!

  4. Anon By Any Other Name...

    Folks should take notice that our Democratic friends, like the host of Madville, because they know that Romney is their guy.

    Somebody call the Zoo, another RINO is on the loose..

  5. cornerstone

    Does anyone think Ron Paul is looking better and better? I don’t like his foreign policy but I do like him for economics.

    Newt or Paul for me from here on out.

  6. Anonymous

    Romney has the people who don’t care what his position is locked up. He has the 20% who just want to vote for him because of personality or because they see him as a winner.

    65% (minus Romney and Paul’s support) is open to someone else. We need to stop thinking Romney is the guy.

  7. springer

    I like Newt. I have always said to send all the illegals home and still say that would be an ideal scenario. But I am also realistic enough to realize that this will never happen, regardless of which political persuasion is in power. If those who have been here as model citizens (except for illegally entering the US) are allowed to stay but not become true citizens (no voting), as is what I think Newt is saying, maybe that is the best we can get.

    BUT, the border needs to be CLOSED! Any illegals caught doing any crime are immediately sent packing. Any illegals recently arrived get sent home. No extended family members allowed to come via the illegals allowed to stay. No more anchor babies. If an illegal comes across the border and gives birth, she goes home as soon as she and the baby are out of the hospital; do that a few times and that would end the problem. No more sanctuary cities. Enforce checking ID for employment, and heavily fine employers who refuse to do this. No more political correctness when it comes to anti-illegal immigration laws. If the feds won’t do it, the states must. The only reason it’s a continued problem is politics, and it’s time to end the politicking and get on with enforcing our present laws.

    1. BF

      Springer, nice to see your position softening a little. Your recognition that the US is not ever going to be able to deport 12 million people is admirable, even if it was a long time coming.

      Also your admission that for you, it’s really all about votes is refreshing. Would that the others in your party were so candid about their desire to disenfranchise the minority vote any way they can.

      Those pesky elections. Whose idea was it that everyday people should have a say in government anyway?

      p.s. good luck getting rid of the 14th Amendment.

  8. Bruce Whalen

    Newt is my guy and backed it up with a contribution.

    We need to consider the debate hosts and audience Newt’s comments were made in front of. Newt said he can take the heat but Romney took the bait and needs to defend his previous comments above all.


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