Romney's first Iowa tv spot includes John Thune

Looks like a possible presidential ticket to me…

18 Replies to “Romney's first Iowa tv spot includes John Thune”

  1. Anonymous

    Thune’s hair isn’t in Romney’s league so and I’m guessing that is a plus to Mitt Romney.

    Realistically though Romney/Thune, Bob McDonnell, would be really smart safe choices for VP but the one with home run potential but perhaps more risk would be Marco Rubio.

    1. Anonymous

      He held a town hall in Brandon a few months ago. When was the last time Tim Johnson held one? Has it really been more than 6 years?

      Noem is well on her way to being the next Tim Johnson for avoiding constituents but Thune is pretty accessable.

      1. Anonymous

        The question is why Johnny boy avoids the people of SD. If you answer that then you can ask why Tim boy has missed for so many yrs. At least you get a answer that is the truth not some fabricated untruth. The people who elect people do deserve contact with those elected……… even when they do not give lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Job Creator

    It looks like Thune is becoming the exact creation for which he condemned Daschle. Attention 2016 Democrat Senate nominee. The winning playbook is there. Just change out Daschle’s name and put in Thune’s. Highly effective!

  3. Anonymous

    Mitt says his kids serving on his campaign count the same as being in the service.Give me a break.You KNOW TUNE WANTS TO BE VP .Why would a christian evangelical even side with a morman good luck down South Mitt.

  4. joe blow

    Mormons are whacky. Are you people aware of the some of the crazy stuff they do and believe? I’m not saying they don’t have the right to do those things and believe those things, just that I have the right to think they are nuts.

    1. BF

      You could say that about most religious beliefs. Imagine you were a rational being from another star system and had to listen to Bob Ellis’s version of what the “natural” (6000 year old) universe is all about. Funny, but the only crazy stuff we notice is the other guy’s crazy stuff.

  5. Troy Jones

    Pretty good ad, captures what Romney’s best strength is (understanding what it will take to unleash business to create jobs), and is a compliment to our Senator’s gravitas.

    1. Anonymous

      Yep, Willard knows how to downsize companies and outsource jobs to increase stock value so corporate executives can take fat bonuses while stockholders and laid off workers get tinkled on. He’s made a lot of money playing the Wall Street game. Is that what Main Street needs?

  6. Duh

    Again: Thune not available? You?re either being dishonest, living under a rock or both. I?ve seen Thune at many sporting events, parks, schools, the mall, running, hunting, even in the can. ALL over the state. He is probably one of the most accesssible politicians in the country.

    Kristi is also around. I have seen her as well. She?s been a little busy trying to keep the Prez from torpedoing his own country. These elitist monker attempts when she?s been on the job less than a year are very transparent.

  7. Anonymous

    Dud get real Thune wants to be Vice president if you cant see that your are the dunce.Do more for South Dakota , yeah right its all about me.