Ron Paul activists blend in

Anyone who talks to those attending the convention will undoubtedly hear the stories of Ron Paul activist Tracy Saboe getting between the delegates and lunch. I heard some delegates didn’t like his constant insertion during the platform voting, but I also heard many people say that he was polite and passionate.

My opinion about the whole issue is: good for him. For those of you who know Tracy, you understand that he really cares. Personally I would like to see him get more involved in the party and not be discouraged. Let’s bring him in with open arms.

I’m also told that the Ron Paul delegation blended in and was more or less just part of the group. Either Ron Paul’s supporters in SD are moderating or the delegates are going right. My guess is the party is going right.

I will try to get a copy of the new platform at some point, but in the meantime the Ron Paul folks sounded like they were intelligently pushing ideas with fairly broad consensus in the party rather than issues of strong disagreement such as foriegn policy.

There is a division between some GOP establishment folks and Ron Paul folks, but the better we know each other the more we realize we agree on 90% of the issues. I have heard mostly praise for Saboe, Gary Dykstra and Daniel Willard (names I hope all of you learn, because they are going to be around for a long time).

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    1. Anonymous

      No seats at the Jindal event were upsetting. There is no reason to have a convention in SiouxFoo if we are going to cap dinner at 400 people. We could have had it in Huron again.

      Especially if the tickets were $25. How did anyone make any money on that deal?

      I bet they could have sold 1000 tickets at $25 a piece. Let the delegates in to see the show.

      1. Anonymous

        SF Convention Center was a stickler for having to have the number of those going to attend the dinner turned in three days ahead of time, contrary to past conventions. 400 was not a magic number but was how many had reserved in advance.

        The SFCC did consent to allow a few more to be sold, but they were gone in no time at all. The GOP staff is totally new, but should have informed people that NO tickets would be available at the door, had to purchase in advance. And $35 or $40 would have been a reasonable price.

        Also, the time allowed for debate on the platform was too little as compared to what was actually used in past conventions. Not Saboe’s fault. We are there to decide on the Platform and he brought some good ideas for debate.

        The GOP crew should have been seeking advice and suggestions from people who have been to many of these before. Too often, the young people in charge either don’t want to seek advice for fear of not wanting to be seen as not knowing the stuff, or figuring that they are in charge and will do it “my way”. Let’s hope it is the former reason and that they will start asking.

  1. Anonymous

    The folks you mentioned made strong contributions and helped strenghten the resolutions and platform. The South Dakota Republican Party is much more vibrant and consistent with conservative principles because of their involvement. I’m certain they drove the RHINOs nuts with these improvements. That, by itself, makes me very happy. Cudos and thank you for your contributions–you might just help save our party from decline!


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