Ron Volesky sentenced for assault

Might this mark the end of Ron Volesky’s perpetual run for higher office in South Dakota?

A Huron attorney and politician will spend three days in jail for assaulting an elderly woman with a belt this summer.

Ron Volesky, a former state legislator who ran three times for attorney general and sought an appointment to the South Dakota Supreme Court this year, pleaded guilty to one count of simple assault at the Beadle County courthouse in Huron on Friday morning.

Judge Rodney Steele, a retired Brookings judge, sentenced Volesky to 33 days in jail with 30 suspended on the condition he pay a $500 fine and participate in the 24/7 sobriety program for one year.

The incident took place in Volesky?s home on July 5, said Codington County State?s Attorney Dawn Elshere, who prosecuted the case. Volesky and the victim were drinking through the evening, Elshere said, and he struck her once in the face and once on the back with a belt at the end of the night.

Ron Volesky’s political campaigns have always provided me with a nice chuckle, but I’m glad to see the authorities aren’t laughing at his actions from this past summer.

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  1. anon

    I went to get a Ron Volesky brochure in the race last year at state fair but the Dems said he didn’t make any. I believe he spent $3.11 on his run for AG last time. Marty Jackley spent a lot more but Marty is going to be the next Governor of SD.

    1. anon

      Volesky has been done for a long time. He was done when he ran against Jackley also but that didn’t mean he realized it.

      I bet Volesky still doens’t realize he’s finnished.

  2. Spencer

    Or, he could just be positioning himself to deny Daugaard a second term. We’re already talking about him…aren’t we?


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