Rounds calls out 'professional dissenters,' talks about race.

From the Rapid City Journal, former Governor Mike Rounds lets potential primary opponents that he’s ready to take on all comers:

Rounds, who is seen by some conservatives as too moderate on taxes and size-of-government issues, argues that his conservative credentials are strong. And he believes the core of Republican conservatives in South Dakota support his campaign.

“The vast majority of conservatives in the South Dakota Republican Party are in our camp right now,” Rounds said during a stop in Rapid City last week.

He refers to some of his critics on the conservative side as “professional dissenters. Their claim to fame is dissention.”

Whatever he calls his critics, Rounds expects to be challenged in the primary by a candidate or candidates who will benefit from outside money attacking the former governor and his record. That will be repeated in the general election, he said.

“We’ll get hit from the special-interests groups,” Rounds said. “We’re prepared for that. And we’re prepared to respond.”

Read it all here.

123 Replies to “Rounds calls out 'professional dissenters,' talks about race.”

  1. Drew Dennert

    Many Conservatives are supporting Rounds but are waiting to see if someone else more conservative gets in the race. People like Mike, but is he the perfect candidate? Probably not.
    Can he be beaten? That we will find out in due time!

    1. Anonymous

      No, he’s not the perfect candidate. He’s part of the good ol’ boy network. If this state wants to move forward and prosper then the voters need to have an epiphany and move away from it and change.

      1. Harv

        Funny considering SD had the highest personal income growth in the nation while Rounds was governor. Tough to beat #1. Also rated best managed state in the nation by Barron’s financial. Also has 2nd lowest unemployment rate in nation- and without an oil boom like ND…. and 2nd lowest state tax burden. … And record enrollment at our universities (Ohh I forgot, that is not prosperity- it is growth in government…so letting more SD kids go to college in state so they will stay in state is bad- even though all those new FTE were not paid by state general fund dollars…I suppose we should have told those kids to go to college in some other state so they can prosper somewhere else)

        1. Bree S.

          The $127 million structural deficit he left the state of South Dakota with when he left office demonstrates that he isn’t a fiscal conservative.

          Will you respond by attempting to blame that on the recession so that I have to define the phrase “structural deficit” for you?

          1. Straight Cash Homey

            It also demonstrates that you do not understand basic economic realities that are the result of a nationwide recession. (largest since The Great Depression.)

            Thankfully Governor Rounds’ leadership kept SD strong through such trying economic times.

            1. Bree S.

              Lol. Love the stubborn idiocy and denial of basic facts by Rounds supporting trolls.

              Structural deficits are not caused by an economic downturn. They are caused by poor FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.

              “A structural (permanent) deficit differs from a cyclical deficit in that it exists regardless of the point in the business cycle due to an underlying imbalance in government revenues and expenditures. Thus, even at the high point of the business cycle when revenues are high the country’s economy may still be in deficit.The structural component of the budget is a good indication of a government’s FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, as it indicates the underlying balance between long-term government revenues and expenditure, while removing factors that are mainly attributable to the business cycle.”


              “Q. What caused the $127 million structural deficit?

              A. State government ran deficits most of the eight years that the previous governor, Mike Rounds, was in office. These were covered at first by budgeting maneuvers. Legislators repeatedly succumbed to pressure by public school lobbyists for extra money in various forms while Rounds was governor.

              The deficit problem’s roots can be found in several circumstances. There was the repeal of the inheritance tax by voters in 2000, the post 9/11 recession and the loss of much of the gold-mining industry in the Black Hills. The structural deficit then mushroomed as the recession took grip in 2009. State sales tax revenue, for example, actually went backward in 2010.”

              Article by Bob Mercer, 30 Jan 2011

              1. duggersd

                OK, Bree S. You don’t believe Mike Rounds is conservative enough for you. Let us assume for a minute that Stace Nelson enters the race and is defeated by Mike Rounds in the primary. Rick Weiland or Brendan Johnson is his opponent. It is now November of 2014. Who, if anybody are you going to vote for?

                1. Bree S.

                  If Stace Nelson gets in this race he will win. Mike Rounds bit off more than he can chew this election cycle.

                  1. duggersd

                    You did not answer the question. I can tell you I would vote for either Stace Nelson or Mike Rounds over the opposition. You can’t say? How sad.

              2. Tired of Bree's Lies

                During the recession only three states in the nation had a budget situation better than SD and all had oil and gas revenue that SD did not. In addition every state spent stimulus money. SD weathered the recession better than most states. Rounds recommended cuts that would have balanced the budget in 2011.

                1. Bree S.

                  Provide evidence that the post you replied to contains any lies. And then take up your complaints with Wikipedia and Bob Mercer.

              3. anon

                Bree, anyone you disagree with you call names. What’s with the “troll” name calling. No matter what position you take, name-calling causes you to lose any credibility you may otherwise seek to have. Even when you provide reasonable evidence, your name calling undermines you credibility. If your frequent contributions are meant to irritate and aggravate, than certainly continue. But if you are attempting to influence attitudes and perceptions, you may wish to knock-off the name calling.

                1. Bree S.

                  If anonymous Rounds’ supporters on this blog don’t wish to be accurately described as political trolls they should stop obvious blatant lying about Mike Rounds record, stop engaging in personal attacks, stop annoying pretenses to conservatism, and stop changing their story every five seconds. Do you take issue with with Rounds supporting political trolls on here calling conservative Republicans “wing nuts,” “whack jobs,” “nuts,” “crazy,” as well as other pejoratives – or are you just an “anon” hypocrite?

            2. Anonymous

              Dude you have to put the crack pipe down and don’t you know crack kills? Like all of your brain cells you have lost if you think Rounds knows how an economy or economics works.

              1. Straight Cash Homey

                That is some bad crack BS is smokin’.

                Did she just say Mike Rounds bit off more than he could chew? Is that why Tim Johnson dropped out, Stephanie passed, Brendan passed, Kristi passed and Rick Weiland is trying to get out?

                1. Bree S.

                  Why are you replying to the wrong posts, SCF? Are you deliberately trying to be confusing?

                  Tim Johnson retired because he’s old and tired. Stephanie didn’t want to face a primary with her liberal base. Brendan has little name recognition yet and running now in this political environment would be poor timing. Steph can’t win a primary, and Brendan can’t win a general yet. I’m guessing Kristi thought it would be a better, cheaper move to wait and run for Thune’s spot when he leaves. Rick Weiland isn’t trying to get out – he thinks he can win.

  2. RINO Mike

    Referring to the Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedom Works, Tea Party Express along with all the other Tea Party groups as professional dissenters shows just how out of line with conservatives RINO Mike Rounds really is. He’s going to learn that running for the US Senate is a very different prospect from his past endeavors.

    1. I Like Mike

      Surprise surprise- Rino Mike chimes in. The large majority of SD conservatives like Mike and are excited to help him take back the US Senate Seat. They also like John Thune, Dennis Daugaard and Kristi Noem who also get attacked by the same people on the far right. They also get mad when Republicans attack Republicans…especially in the juvenile manner used by yourself, and vote for the candidate who takes the high road. The loudest applause line in conservative RC at their Lincoln Day Dinner was when the party chairman called for an end to such attacks.

      1. Drew Dennert

        The large majority of South Dakota conservatives are very Luke warm about the Mike Rounds candidacy and may support him but are still waiting to see if someone better jumps in the race.
        And a wake up call! Dennis Daugaard, Kristi Noem, & John Thune are all slightly more Conservative Than Mike Rounds.
        South Dakota conservatives want a positive campaign to identify a strong conservative to send to the US Senate, that may or may not be Mike Rounds.

        1. Conservative Republican

          I’m conservative and I’d vote for Mike Rounds 10 times out of 10 if Stace Nelson was his opponent. Stace is not an example of a leader I could support.

          1. Bree S.

            I know, right? I really admire the way Mike Rounds got the majority of his extended family hired by the state. And Rounds’ persecution of a federal game warden for investigating his brother for code violations was so dignified. I love how he appointed his business partner’s daughter to the legislature. That shows he really understands the meaning of the word “friendship.”

            1. Straight Cash Homey

              RINO MIKE,

              That is a serious litmus test of out of state groups someone living in SD needs to get support from. I’m beginning to think that they would tell South Dakotan’s that they wouldn’t support John Thune for reelection (which is nuts).

              Why do we care what any outside groups think in SD?

              1. Bree S.

                Are you calling me RinoMike? Lol. That one’s new. How do you reconcile that with claims that RinoMike is located in D.C.? Are the Rounds supporting trolls ever able to stick to one storyline for longer than 15 minutes? A.D.D.?

                Never minding my supposed abilities at bilocation and apparent tendency to disagree with myself, are you claiming that if conservatives don’t support liberal corrupt Mike Rounds then they don’t support conservative principled John Thune?

          2. CRINO

            “No, no! Seriously! I’m a conservative too!” but not really because it’s not the way somebody votes, or the principles they represent, its about the establishment machine.

            Give me a break. Does anyone have any troll spray?

      2. Bree S.

        Explain what is juvenile about providing factual information about a politician’s record to the voters.

        1. Anonymous

          The juvenile part is where you forget to provide facts and just run on at the mouth like a kid who was told she couldn’t have a toy at the shopping center…

          1. Bree S.

            An interesting analysis of my commentary. Now please explain what is juvenile about providing sourced factual information about a politician’s record to the voters.

      1. Anonymous

        Look a RINO Rounds staffer is posting in the hopes people believe RINO Rounds has support.

    2. anon

      he’s got it right about them. They are against everything and for nothing. I used to think there were some interesting people in these groups, but I was wrong.

    1. Conservative Republican

      Gordon Howie probably owns the rights to the term RINO as often as he throws it around.

    2. Anonymous

      Roetman you are a loser and serious man when are just going to come out of the closet and stop living a lie? People will accept you for who you, it’s not worth live in fear just admitt who you are.

      1. Bree S.

        I find this comment rude and unnecessary. What precisely is your purpose in making such inappropriate comments?

        1. Straight Cash Homey

          Dave R is a great person. This is a stupid comment to anyone who knows Dave.

          1. Bree S.

            My comment or the comment by Anonymous above mine? Maybe you should specify since you a tendency to respond to the wrong posts.

  3. Anonymous

    Stace Nelson is so polarizing I couldn’t vote for him. A liberty minded person who should be encouraged to run someday (not now) is Daniel Kaiser of Aberdeen. He is a liberty minded fella who doesn’t believe in trashing everyone in the Republican Party. Stace could learn a lot from officer Kaiser.

    Stace Nelson is a good example of the WRONG way to do things and Daniel Kaiser is a good example of the RIGHT way to do things.

    Stace is not a happy warrior. I don’t know what he really stands for other than trashing Republicans who are tired of hearing him trash Republicans. We need a happy warrior who can actually bring more people into the party instead of just driving them away.

    1. Bree S.

      I think you’re confused. Stace Nelson is only polarizing for corrupt politicians. He’s quite popular with Independents and even gets support from Democrats.

    2. Drew Dennert

      Dan Kaiser had always believed in a positive message. Rather than dragging his enemies down.

              1. Bree S.

                Stace Nelson has been front page news 3 times in a week, and he’s not even running for anything. I think he’s doing fine. He draws larger crowds than Mike Rounds. He was the largest legislative vote getter in the last election despite being redistricted. The desperation of Rounds’ trolls to try to discredit Stace is rather sad in a pathetic “has-beens losing grip on the reigns of power” kind of way.

                1. Tired of Bree's Lies

                  Yeah, and all of press is negative. The guy is a jerk and continually plays victim- while blasting his colleagues with anonymous attack calls.

                  1. Bree S.

                    Press looks positive to me. Not sure what perspective you’re looking at it from, but it isn’t conservative.

                    1. Bree S.

                      “delusional” “crazy” “nuts” “wing nut” “whack job”

                      hypocritical anon troll.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree with you Drew but remember Dan and Stace are both friends. Also Dan had outside political groups backing him so he didn’t have to attack but instead they did it for him.

        1. Rounds wins easy...

          Kaiser didn’t do any attacking in 2012 and no one attacked his opponents on his behalf. On the other hand his opponents attacked him with lies printed by the SDDP.

          1. Anonymous

            Unfortunately you are wrong about outside groups going to bat for Dan when he was attacked

              1. Drew Dennert

                Dan Kaiser was attacked again on Friday in the American News by Aberdeen City Councilman Mark Remily. I guess when you stay positive and stand up for what’s right you tend to be attacked. That’s how politics works right?

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone else notice on Stace Nelson’s facebook page that Annette Bosworth is trying to suck up to him by posting her doting drivel on his wall? She makes me want to puke.

  5. Tired of Bree's Lies

    Here come the Bree lie machine again. There was one more Rounds family member working in state government after Rounds became governor compared to before. The Priekstat claim is also bogus- that firestorm was started by Pierre area sportsmen- not Rounds. In regard to the appointment, I would expect elected officials to appoint people they know and trust. Bree- you seem to bring up the Priekstat matter up a lot. I would like to know what your connection to him is. As a Pierre area sportsman- I applaud Rounds for getting involved and requesting that the out of control federal agent be relocated. I know of many area hunters he harassed.

    1. Bree S.

      I was told otherwise regarding Rounds’ family members getting hired by the state – but we’ll leave that matter for future campaign ads since I don’t have access to state hiring records. Call the Argus Leader and complain about the “bogus” articles they wrote in 2007 regarding Mike Rounds’ demands for the resignation of the federal game warden investigating his brother for code violations. Also, I didn’t live here in 2007, so how far do you think you’ll get with your fabricated nonsense of some supposed connection of mine to this game warden just because I dare to bring up the facts of Mike Rounds’ record of corruption in public forum?

      Provide evidence that said game warden “harassed” hunters. We already know thanks to the Argus that he was in fact investigating Rounds’ brother when Rounds demanded his resignation.

  6. wondering

    I have another point about appointment people to govt jobs, and I think this is more important than whether or not a certain person appoints family members here and there. More important is that those appointed should have the qualifications for and interest in the job they are appointed to, rather than just happening to know someone who knows someone and gets them the job. This isn’t necessarily relatives; it is just moving govt employees from one job to another whether or not they are qualified.

    In another world where I would be governor (ha), I’d clean house. The directors of divisions and depts in the state would have to reapply, state their qualifications, why they want the job (and not just because it keeps them in govt service), etc,. I would also listen to the lower level employees about what the director actually needs as far as experience and qualifications. And these directors etc would have to actually work a full day and have to prove that they need to take trips here or there for this or that; no more free govt trips for personal business. (And no, I’m not talking about Rounds here)

    Staff morale suffers when they see their bosses get away with extra time off etc. And the people of SD suffer when it impacts issues that concern them. We need another Janklow for awhile!

  7. Straight Cash Homey

    Governor Rounds nailed it. All these people do is complain. If Gordon Howie and Bill Napoli were Governor/Lt. Gov they’d call themselves “RINO’s” just because they were in charge.

    1. Bree S.

      Politicians who actually represent their constituents would reflect the values of the people who vote for them. They wouldn’t have to lie to get elected.

  8. SDJammer

    I find the comment by Mike Rounds where he said;

    “professional dissenters. Their claim to fame is dissention.”

    to be disrespectful, disgusting and an outright insult to conservatives. In 2008 when the so-called “moderates” of the Republican Party led by a middle of the road go-along-to-get-along John McCain lost in a landslide to an incompetent and totally unqualified Barack Obama, these wimpy Republicans crawled away with their tails between their legs.

    It was the hard core conservatives that stood up when it was the darkest for the Republican Party. They formed grassroots TEA Party movements to take back the House of Representatives and hold the line against what looked like a tsunami of progressive liberal victories.

    Now Mike Rounds wants to make that statement about these patriots that stood up for their beliefs and conservative principles. I find that unacceptable and if he does not issue a public apology, all conservatives should just walk away from his campaign.

    And while he will still win against the pathetic democrat candidate that the democrats throw out there, he should get a sense of what conservatives think of his unacceptable cowardly comment. Just perhaps 2020 might be the year of the conservatives and the end of the RINO occupation of the Republican Party and a chance to pay back Mike Rounds for his disgusting comment?

    1. Bree S.

      If Stace Nelson steps up to run against Mike Rounds he will be part of the next wave of conservative candidates sworn into Senate office.

    2. Straight Cash Homey

      I wasn’t offended because my Tea Party stood for something:

      We all know the Tea Party organizations that sprouted up in 2010 have been hijacked by a few power hungry characters who hold a personal grudge against Mike Rounds and Dennis Daugaard and anyone else who doesn’t vent as fervently as they do over hard feelings.

      I’m a Tea Party Republican and attended Tea Party rallies in 2010. When the dust settled after the 2010 elections a few people moved in and took them over and turned them into combative organizations used to attack Republicans instead of standing up for issues. (Ironic that one of those people is someone who lost to Daugaard in the primary running as the “Tea Party Candidate.” – No personal grudge there I’m sure….)

      I am a Tea Party person but I’m not going to support any of these groups in SD that have been coopted to spew propaganda against their political enemies without citing accurate facts.

      It’s sad but these groups aren’t about issues anymore so much as they are about retaliation and personal vendetta’s.

      Bring back the Tea Party from 2010 or the ones that other states have and I will be back at the rallies. (and the TP doesn’t have to support Republicans but it should stand on principles and not personal vendetta’s held by a few lonely people.)

      1. Bree S.

        That’s right – Conservative disgust for Mike Rounds’ liberal corrupt record is just a matter of a “personal grudge.” And it will just be a “personal grudge” when the public votes against him in the primary. It will just be “retaliation” and a “personal vendetta” when educated voters go to the booths and decide they don’t want to be represented by a corrupt politician whose staffers lie about his record. I’m sure those claims will make you feel so much better when your current stint is over and you’re looking for employment, “Tea Partier.”

      2. SDJammer

        That was real funny Homey. I must say that I can’t remember any of your past comments that would have led me to believe that you were a TEA Party supporter. In fact, some of your comments especially some about Representative Nelson, would have led me to believe just the opposite.

        Just keep telling people that you are a TEA Party supporter and I am sure there will be some that will believe you. However, I will not be one of them.

        1. Straight Cash Homey

          SD Jammer,

          You can believe what you want but I’m typing this while wearing my “Don’t tread on me” T-Shirt with the Gadsden flag hanging on the wall behind me.

          Just because someone likes Mike Rounds doesn’t mean they aren’t an ardent Tea Party supporter. Mike Rounds is a Tea Party supporter. I just don’t go for the nonsense some of the haters are putting out these days.

          Bob Ellis is a perfect example. You could fit him and everyone of his followers into a Grayhound bus and send them anywhere in the state and by the time they got off they would split into two separate organizations and call the other RINO’s and traitors because of a misinterpretation of the GOP platform.

          The Tea Party in SD is hurting because people like Bob Ellis have taken over the organizations and driven out the rest of us – who are Right wing fiscal conservatives that care about more than the minutia/infighting he wants to preach about.

          1. Bree S.

            “You can believe what you want but I’m typing this while wearing my “Don’t tread on me” T-Shirt with the Gadsden flag hanging on the wall behind me.”

            LOL LOL *wipes tears of laughter away*

            Oh, there’s nothing better than the comments of bad liars.

          2. SDJammer

            A true TEA Party supporter would never have made the comments that Mike Rounds made.

          3. Bob Ellis

            I don’t have “followers;” I have fellow conservatives who can and do think for themselves instead of playing the sycophant to whatever in-crowd liberal is the flavor of the day.

            And conservatives like me didn’t “take over” the Tea Party. We were there on Day One. We started the Tea Party movement. We continue to support the Tea Party movement. We are the Tea Party movement.

            If you aren’t there anymore, it’s because your liberal ways misled you away from the Tea Party. Like a typical RINO, you can claim to be a Tea Party patriot, a conservative, or whatever you like; you enthusiasm for liberal policies and liberal compromise will always reveal the truth and give you away.

            1. Exodus

              When the Tea Party isn’t big enough to welcome most of the conservative Republican legislators in Pierre with open arms (who agree with the Tea Party) that tells you the Tea Party is a shadow of what it once was.

              You can thank Bob Ellis for that.

              1. Bob Ellis

                The Tea Party welcomed all Republican legislators. Unfortunately, as their voting record reveals, most of them weren’t very welcoming of the Tea Party.

                You can thank liberal sellouts and sycophancy for that.

                The Tea Party reminded them too much of the principles they have betrayed.

                1. Anonymous

                  You make stuff up and cherry pick what you grade in your scorecards so Stace Nelson is always Number 1. How are your scorecards fair?

                  1. Bob Ellis

                    Liar. I don’t make anything up. Mike Rounds’ pathetic record speaks for itself:

                    Further, I have never done a scorecard, but those who have did not “cherry pick.” They picked votes that reflect a conservative/liberal bent, then judge accordingly.

                    How is it fair that Stace Nelson comes out the most conservative? You sound like an entitlement-minded liberal, expecting things to be handed to people who have not earned those things. Everyone has equal opportunity to vote conservatively; sadly, Nelson is one of the few who chooses consistently to do so.

                    If some “Republicans” don’t want to be identified with their liberal record, they shouldn’t cast liberal votes. Don’t blame other people for recognizing what they have done to themselves (and to the people of South Dakota).

                    If you’re going to cast liberal votes, you ought to at least be grownup enough to own your record. At least the liberals with a “D” after their name have enough courage to come out of the closet.

            2. Anonymous

              Bob doesn’t have followers.

              He is however, a brown-nosing blind follower of Gordon Howie.

              1. Bob Ellis

                You just confuse the allegiance of like-minded conservatives because brown-nosing your in-crowd liberal betters is the only way of life you know, so you think everyone is an unprincipled sellout like you.

          4. Huh!?

            Mike Rounds supports TEA Party members like Obama does. He hired Dick “I got tossed out of Colorado by the TEA Party” Wadhams!
            Rounds does NOT believe we are Taxed Enough Already or he would sign the Norquist no tax increase pledge.

            Rounds = Just another politician claiming to be everything to everyone while standing for only that which profits his cronies.

      3. Bob Ellis

        That BS liberal revisionist crap will not stand. The reason the Tea Party movement sprang up in the first place was because of liberal “Republican” sellouts like Rounds and McCain and others who so discredited the Republican Party that the country handed it over to the out-of-the-closet liberals in 2006 and 2008.

        The same people in the Tea Party today are pretty much the same ones who were in it from Day One in 2009, and pretty much the same ones who were as disgusted with RINO sellouts like Rounds and Daugaard back then.

        The only difference now is that the sellouts have realized that Tea Party conservatives aren’t going to be bought out, and won’t shut up and go away–and they’re peeved that we won’t sell our principles for 30 pieces of silver like they will.

        1. Anonymous

          The GOP is about addition not subtraction. The reason Ellis’ organization keeps splitting or shrinking is because he’s driving everyone away.

          1. Bree S.

            Go play that game in Massachusetts. This is South Dakota, and the GOP doesn’t need lying liberals pretending to be conservative to get elected here.

          2. Bob Ellis

            Only the liberal pretenders and sellouts. If that shoe fits you, you should wear it proudly.

            And the last time I checked the GOP platform, it was about conservative values, not “me too” liberalism.

            1. Exodus

              Keep preaching hate Bob. Let’s see how big and productive your group is in the future.

              Hate is not the way Bob.

              1. SDJammer

                I did not see any hate in any of Bob’s comments. Just where do you come up with that accusation from?

                Do you realize that when progressive liberals cannot argue against the concepts of principles and values, they immediately start throwing out the ‘HATE’ accusation? Please note that I did not call YOU a progressive liberal. I am merely wondering why you are using a progressive liberal tactic?

              2. Bob Ellis

                Compromise with liberalism is definitely not the way. Go ahead: give principle and virtue a try sometime. You might come to like it.

              3. Bree S.

                There’s only one liberal on here pretending to be conservative that’s any good at that game. Outdated trollers like Bill Fleming who froth at the mouth every time strong Christians start posting should burn their little red books and hang up their hats because whatever days of glory they ever had are over – they’ve clearly lost their touch.

  9. RINO Mike

    The other thing that the RINOs like Mike Rounds will learn is that they can’t hide behind plaintiffs attorneys who do their dirty work! Research Dick Wadhams, the guy running RINO Mike’s campaign, to find out where he stands with Tea Party Patriots.

  10. MacGregor

    This is one conservative who has never voted for Rounds and never will. I’ll vote for anyone running against him in the primary. If Rounds throws enough money in the pot and wins the primary, I won’t vote for anyone in the November Senate election. Having been conservative all my life, I know another conservative when I see one, and let me tell you, Mike Rounds is no conservative!

    1. duggersd

      So if a Libertarian were to run, would you vote for that person if he/she was conservative enough for you? Personally, I am going to for the person who best fits. There is nobody except for me that agrees with my views 100% of the time. If Rounds is wrong for you 20% of the time, I am thinking you agree 80% of the time.

      1. MacGregor

        Yes, I would certainly vote for a Libertarian over Rounds. Rounds has been wrong for me much more than 20% of the time and I refuse to vote for someone who has done so much damage to not only the state I love, but to the Republican party. I’m a Republican because it is more conservative than the Democrat party, but I vote for a candidate because I agree with their stand on issues that concern me and not because of the party they belong to. I have voted for candidates from several different political parties because of their stand on issues that concern me. I could care less which party they belong to as long as I agree with their stand on the issues I care about. How about you? Party over principles or principles over party?

  11. Troy Jones Post author


    I have tried many times to keep Nelson supporters from drawing any conclusion from the past election results. But, you keep hyperbolically making statements that are untrue. I’m sure Representative Nelson prefer his supporters build a case for his candidacy on truth and not untruth.

    Representative Nelson competed in a three person race (one Democrat) in the MOST Republican House district (by voter registration which is 55.5% Republican) that had a race (the other more Republican districts (5) were without opposition in the General Election).

    He got less votes than the State Senate candidate.

    Of the people who cast votes in the Senate race, Nelson got one of their two votes from just under 60%% of those voters. This translates into a +5% over voter registration advantage. This means he got very small independent/Democrat support or lost a lot of Republican voters (I suspect the former but that is just a guess).

    Do you know of how many of the Republican House candidates who had a smaller +% over the GOP voter registration %? Two (one was his co-GOP candidate Kyle Schoenfish).

    Of the 51 Republicans who won, 44 of those candidates had a +% over voter registration of more than 10%. Two candidates were over 28%.

    1. Bree S.

      It’s a well-known fact that Stace was the highest legislative vote getter after getting redistricted out of 75% of his former district.

      1. troy who?

        Schoenfish ran in the district in 2010 as a Democrat, told those same Democrats he only switched parties to get elected.

        Nelson beat a 24 Year RINO incumbent in the primary that was created for him when they had Jim Putnam leave the senate to run in the house against him.

        That is 3 elections Nelson won in two different districts, and he is getting mocked by someone 99.999% of South Dakota has never heard of and has no clue who he is. What was your election results troy?

      2. cell phones

        where’s your well researched factually based smear now Bree.

        Oh wait, it’s the same place where Stace hid his burner cell phone…

    2. Anonymous


      Well said. Stace couldn’t win Hanson County against Mike Rounds. That is why he won’t run. It would be an ego popper.

    3. Anonymous

      …And yet, Nelson has risen to the top of all those smooth talking politicians in being discussed across the state as a straight talking desired alternative to the professional pragmatic politicians (Weiland/Rounds or is it Rounds/Weiland?) being forced on voters.

  12. joelie hicks

    I will never vote for Rounds. But I would still rather see Stace run for Gov 2014.

  13. Exodus

    If the Tea Party in SD isn’t careful they will be able to caucus in a phone booth right next to the Democrats. While the Republicans and Conservatives caucus in the legislature during January-March.

  14. Troy Jones Post author

    Bree, Stace was not the highest vote getter for legislature in his own district. For one who accuses others of lying, you sure are loose with the truth.

    “Troy who”: Can’t argue with the facts so you have to criticize me personally. And, why would you consider my comments critical of Stace? He didnt claim he was top legislative vote getter. I’ve previously said his results were good. Your skin is way to thin.

    1. Bree S.

      I don’t know what you’re talking about Troy. I just checked the election results for both the primary and the general election in his district for 2012 and he received the most votes for both of those races despite being 75% in an entirely new district. Perhaps for some reason you are trying to include Senate results with Legislative results? I didn’t check the Senate results since Stace wasn’t running for the state Senate and those results have nothing to do with anything. What’s your game Troy? Are you being deliberately obtuse?

  15. The Truth

    The comments on this site are stinking like a rotten apple.

    I think Stace would add a whole lot to the race. But, the man clearly has some issues. Assume I’ll be verbally assaulted for pointing out the obvious. But, this is what’s wrong with the GOP when there aren’t enough democrats to badger. We just can’t seem to help it.

    I seriously wonder if Stace has as much passion as the voices here? He can run, but I do not see him coming close to Rounds.

  16. The Woodshed (circa 2004)

    Stace Nelson reminds me an awful lot of Tom Daschle. He throws the first punch and then runs to the media to play the helpless victim.

    1. Bree S.

      What are you talking about, lol? Rounds is the one strutting around to the press bragging about the millions of dollars he hasn’t raised yet while simultaneously whining about “special interests” (translation: Conservatives) and “professional dissenters” (translation: Conservatives).

  17. RINO Mike

    An extremely relevant point was raised; RINO Mike Rounds doesn’t actually have the $9 million he’s using to threaten conservatives with. Club for Growth, Freedom Works, Tea Party Express, etc. do have real and proven fundraising ability. Maybe RINO Mike can get some money from trial lawyers since he’s such a big fan of their work, because the “professional dissenters” won’t be helping RINO Mike.